Which Salt Is The Healthiest

Salt is definitely something we need for cooking, but which salt is the healthiest? Which one should you choose for your kitchen? I used to buy table salt but I stopped using it. Table salt is highly processed and contains anti-caking agents and other additives. It’s supposed to be odorless but I can smell the chlorine in it and I don’t like it.

So Which Salt Is The Healthiest?

After evaluation of all factors, Celtic salt appears to be the healthiest salt for cooking, finishing meals, and seasoning. However, there are more factors to consider, and I’ll get to it later on in this article.

We will also look at the question of whether salt increases blood pressure or not. Is it a fact or a myth?

There are many myths running around and many of them have been debunked already, like the information that margarine was better than butter, or the recommendations that you shouldn’t eat eggs because they raise your cholesterol levels, etc.

Having almost endless sources and new studies available to everyone, we can debunk all the myths and find out the truth.

I was collecting information for a long time, to provide you with some facts (not just assumptions). In this video, we are comparing various types of salt and in the end, I’m gonna tell you how it is with salt and blood pressure.

Table salt

What is Table Salt

Table salt contains just two elements, sodium, and chloride. Neither element occurs separately and free in nature, but are found bound together as the compound sodium chloride.

There are some other chemicals added to table salt, like anti-caking agents, and in some table salts, there can be iodine, or fluoride as well.

Sea salt

Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Sea salt contains more trace minerals than table salt and is free of chemicals. It would be a perfect salt, much better than table salt if the seas were clean. But with the current pollution, there are plastic particles and other contaminants in the seawater so the sea salt is not clean.

Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan Pink Salt vs Table Salt

This salt is mined in the Himalayas in Pakistan and it’s very similar to sea salt, containing more trace minerals, not just sodium and chloride. But it’s free of pollutants so it is considered better than sea salt.

However, some articles and videos claim that selling pink Himalayan salt is just hype (because it’s much more expensive than the table salt).

We bought Himalayan salt in Spain this year because I wanted to try it out, after reading and hearing a lot about it.

So I can also tell you that the taste of the pink salt is a bit stronger in the sense that you need less of it when you are adding it to your food.

You can check the availability and price of the Himalayan pink salt on Amazon.

Celtic salt

Celtic Salt vs Table Salt

Some people claim that Celtic salt is the healthiest salt ever. It is mined in Brittany, France and it’s supposed to have the lowest amount of sodium out of these four salts while having the highest amount of calcium, magnesium, and iron.

In the table below, you can see the difference in trace minerals in various salts.

Trace Minerals in Salt





Table Salt





Sea Salt





Himalayan Salt





Celtic Sea Salt





However, trace amounts of minerals are really insignificant. We do not consume salt to provide our bodies with minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc.

You can check the availability and price of Celtic salt on Amazon.

Best Salt To Cook With

You might ask which salt is the best for cooking. In general, the best salts for cooking are the same as the salts used for seasoning: Himalayan salt and Celtic salt. Compared to the table salt, they don’t contain additives and are also free of plastic particles that might be present in the sea salt.


Salt and Blood Pressure

Now let’s look at the question of whether salt consumption increases blood pressure or not.

high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, lowering salt consumption is necessary but just cutting down salt doesn’t make you healthy.

Salt is essential for us and drinking a lot of water without replenishing the sodium in your body can seriously affect your health.

The problem for our health is not the salt, but the food we consume salt with. If you eat salty chips or nuts, fried food with salt, and other foods like that, then it’s bad for you.

Sodium is complementary to potassium.

The ratio of sodium and potassium should be about 1: 4 which means that you need four times more potassium than sodium. We usually have much more sodium in our modern diet, but if you eat a lot of vegetables and unprocessed foods and avoid salt, you might be sodium deficient.

It all might sound too complicated to you – if you’re not such a nutrition nerd like I am.

But it’s quite simple: Sodium is contained in salt, and potassium in fruits and vegetables.
Sodium = salt                                 Potassium = fruits and vegetables


High blood pressure has been discussed all time and there’s so much advice on how to lower your blood pressure if that’s your problem.

However, there are also people with low blood pressure, even though it’s not so common.

Low Blood Pressure

Having low blood pressure, you definitely need salt.

Especially if you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables and do not use salt much.

I have had low blood pressure all of my life and I have to be careful not to have a lack of salt in my diet because then I get dizzy and tired.

I actually have to add salt to my diet every day!

If you have the same problem, don’t be afraid of adding salt to your meals, especially to vegetable salads, but also to eggs or bread and butter.

adding salt

You might be not sure whether your blood pressure is ok or not, but you can always use common sense.

If you crave salt, you probably need it.

In the video below, Dr. Berg explains perfectly why we need salt and shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Is Table Salt Bleached?

There’s another thing I’ve come across studying this topic. Some people claim that table salt, being a highly processed salt, is bleached. I haven’t found any evidence that would confirm that, and considering the fact sodium chloride is white (or actually transparent) by nature, I’d say it’s probably not bleached.

However, I do not like the fact that there are anti-caking agents and other additives in the table salt so it’s not completely natural.

Conclusion: Which Salt is the Healthiest?

Both Himalayan and Celtic salt is pure and unrefined. These salts are healthier than processed table salt. However, Celtic salt is wet so it’s not possible to have it in a salt shaker on the table.

The salts mentioned here are not the only salts, there’s also black salt, red salt, and blue salt, but they are rather exotic and might be even more expensive.



9 thoughts on “Which Salt Is The Healthiest

  1. Hi, Lenka Sophie.

    Thanks for sharing about some of the different salts we can use for cooking aside from the table salt.

    I didn’t know too that there are various colors of salt besides white.

    If I may ask, why did you not include Epsom salt in your blog? I always hear about Himalayan and Epsom salt that’s why I was hoping to read about Epsom salt too.

    Thank you again for sharing this post loaded with facts and not just opinions.


    1. That’s a great question, Ruth. I didn’t include Epsom salt because this article was meant to be about the salt we use for cooking, finishing, and seasoning i.e. normal use in the kitchen. 
      Epsom salt is a special salt that is used as a laxative or as a magnesium supplement, and it’s a great salt. But only for a special purpose. There are certain contraindications when you should not use Epsom salt, and also some side effects one should be aware of. I might write about this salt in some of my future articles.

  2. Is there a specific place in the world where it’s best to buy “the best type of salt?” Very informative article. To be honest, I’ve never liked table salt in my food, I think it spoils the flavour. I’m much more of a pepper fan!

    Have you ever been inside a salt cave? I’ve heard these can have healing effects on our mental health.

    Great post and thank you for sharing.

    1. A girl who lives in Jordan told me they have sea salt from the Dead Sea and it’s the best salt you can get. If it’s clean, it really might be good. For now, the Himalayan salt is my choice.

      I have never been to a salt cave but have a salt lamp at home. Does it count? 🙂

      I’m glad you liked the article. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi, I love the article about salt. I’m a bit of a nursing nerd, so I was super excited when you mentioned the relationship between sodium and potassium. Does the Celtic salt seem as strong as the Himalayan salt? I’ve never tried alternatives to table salt other than standard sea salt. I’m not particularly a big salt person in general so our sodium intake is pretty tame in this household. Salty foods or high sodium foods in general just don’t catch our eyes too often unless there’s a major craving. 

    1. Hello Eirian, the Celtic salt is supposed to be also stronger than the table salt, and it’s a great alternative. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m planning to do that soon. 
      In my opinion, both the Himalayan and the Celtic salts are perfect for the kitchen, better than the other options.

  4. Hi Lenka. That was a very informative article, thank you. I’d always just assumed that sea salt was the best and never investigated further – now I know better 🙂 Is the Himalayan salt widely available in supermarkets?

    1. Hi Richie, the Himalayan salt is becoming more and more popular and we bought it in Spain in a regular supermarket, but I think it very much depends on the area where you live. It’s usually available in health food stores, or on Amazon.

  5. Hi Lenka,
    Superb article on something so basic as salts, and something we hardly ever bother about. But after I read your article, I researched a bit more and found that all these salts are available in my country. But we hardly use any of them. Thank u for this great info0rmation.

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