what is the best breakfast for weight loss and energy

What Is The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss?

What is the best breakfast for weight loss and energy? A breakfast that will supercharge you with energy, speed up your metabolism and provide you with nutrients your body needs?

Various opinions of experts

Well, you might have read many opinions and all sorts of advice. There are so many experts out there. However, research reveals new facts now and then and I’ve seen that many times that we are told something is healthy or unhealthy and in a few years they say exactly the opposite.


I still remember eggs were considered bad for cholesterol, butter as well, low fat dairy products were promoted like there was nothing better in the world than that. However, if a yogurt contains 0 % fat, how can it keep its form? There has to be some starch added and that means it’s not a proper yogurt anymore.

I could go on with other foods but that is not the purpose of this article. It is to show you what I consider to be the best breakfast for weight loss and energy that has worked for me not just for a couple of years but half of my life (and I’m not twenty or thirty).

It is meant to inspire you just like I was inspired when I started to be interested in nutrition.

What is the best breakfast for weight loss

What is the best breakfast for weight loss and energy for me? It is a drink containing protein, fats and carbs in a balanced proportion. You don’t have to worry, no need to use scales to have it exactly. It can be a more protein – fewer carbs drink, a meal replacement or a protein drink.

what is the best breakfast for weight loss

I don’t think that we should be really strict in our measures as we don’t know exactly the portions our body needs anyway. Our body is wise enough to take what it needs. But we need to provide it with key nutrients.

All this article is based on my opinion and personal experience. But I have always been interested in facts as well. I always want to know why and how. However, even the opinions of experts change in time and I’ve seen such completely opposite recommendations many times in my life. So at the end of the day I can only share my own results.

But to understand the basics, let’s meet Adelle Davis first.

Adelle Davis – Pioneer Nutritionist

When I was about 20, I came across “Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit”, a book of Adelle Davis, a legendary pioneer nutritionist and that affected my whole life. I’m so grateful for that. That time, nothing like meal replacement or protein powder existed in the country I lived. The choice of foods was very limited.

I was completely fascinated by the book. There was information about all vitamins, one by one, and other key nutrients.

How important it is to consume protein.

Why we need healthy fats.

What does deficiency in a particular vitamin or nutrient cause.

There was everything there! A whole world of nutrition.

Since that time I’ve read many other books about nutrition but none of it was so impressive. I remember facts from Adelle Davis teachings until today.

Among other facts, I found out all vitamins B are contained in brewer’s yeast and it makes sense to consume all of them not only one or two. She was also one of the first to write about the difference between different kinds of fat and prefer quality oils.

My first attempts

As I was fascinated by the book, I wanted to implement Adelle Davis findings in my life. So I tried to prepare her recommended breakfast drink called pep-up consisting of milk, yeast, eggs, skimmed milk, safflower oil, magnesium and lecithin and orange juice. Looking at the list of ingredients, it might seem not very tempting but the intention of it was to put all the key nutrients into one powerful drink that would supply you with them.

Since that time, things changed and meal replacements and various drinks can be bought that not only contain key nutrients but also taste well. You wouldn’t be probably ready to have something like the drink I described above for breakfast every day, would you?

Reasons why I prefer this kind of breakfast

The reasons why I prefer a liquid breakfast packed with nutrients are in this list:

1. Gives me a kick of vitamins for the whole day

2. Keeps me full until lunch

3. Provides me with enough quality proteins at least in one meal

4. It doesn’t contain many calories

5. It is not heavy on my stomach

Can you see why I think this is the best breakfast? When you choose the right flavour for you, it is such a delicious low calorie high protein protein that is hard to replace with anything else.

How I prepare my breakfast

I warm up two and half deciliters of milk in a microwave. I add two scoops of meal replacement powder to it and mix it well. Finally, I add 2 tea spoons of flax seeds or chia seeds that are source of omega 3.

As I have had this shake for breakfast for years, I’ve been modifying it to spice it up and have a bit different taste:

– cinnamon

– cocoa

– coconut (instead of seeds)

– turmeric

– ginger

– coffee

Did it cross your mind that this kind of meal won’t be filling enough for you? Try it and you’ll be surprised how satisfactory such breakfast is. I look forward to my breakfast every morning.

Nutritional benefits

– it provides you with enough protein that makes you feel saturated for a longer time

– if you add seeds or almonds to it, you’ll get quality fats necessary for good body functioning

– it contains fibre that fills you up and supports bowel movement

– there are few carbs so it supports weight loss

– it is “light” for your stomach and digestion and doesn’t make you tired.

Do you know the feeling after having had a heavy lunch falling asleep? And do you know why that happens? After a heavy meal, our insulin levels spike. Our pancreas produces insulin to regulate our blood sugar levels. The heavier the meal, the more insulin is produced. Insulin allows the sugar to go from blood to cells where it used for energy.

There are also hormones that can lead to that drowsy feeling if their level increases. These hormones are serotonin and melatonin. A meal rich in carbohydrates can increase melatonin production and make you feel drowsy.

Our body is like a complicated engine, isn’t it? That’s why we have to be concerned of what we eat.

If you have breakfast packed with nutrients, high protein low carb, not only you can be sure your body is getting the best nutrition but you also have a great start of your conscious weight-loss day.

As I stressed out in the beginning of this article, there are many opinions about healthy diet and you can choose up to what makes sense to you. To me, all these facts Adelle Davis explained in her books do make sense and I tested it on myself for many years.

In my opinion, Adelle Davis books are valuable even today. I definitely recommend her book Let’s Stay Healthy: A Guide To Lifelong Nutrition.

I have lost weight with this breakfast when I was in my twenties and I have been able to keep my weight for 30 years. I always feel so well after that, never bloated or too full.

Did you get the answer to the question of what is the best breakfast for weight loss and energy? Are you tempted to try it like I was when I first came across this information? Go for it, you have nothing to lose!

10 thoughts on “What Is The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss?

  1. My preferred breakfast in the morning is ground flaxseed muffin made in the microwave. Although I like the breakfast option you have is well. Beauty to me doesn’t mean just cosmetics, it also means having clear skin, shiny hair, and healthy nails. 

    Losing weight after I became a parent was pretty tough, I had to do a total overhaul to feel beautiful. I enjoyed reading your post as it opened my eyes to different types of breakfasts that others enjoy.

    1. Wow, ground flaxseed muffin, I’ve never heard of that! I’d like to know what are the ingredients. If it works for you, then perfect! 
      I agree that beauty is not only about cosmetics because if one has a bad skin or hair, it is also a signal of some problems and they have to be addressed. And it is about the mind as well, happiness and contentment make us shine from within.

  2. Thank you very much for this information.  I am in my 40s and struggling with my weight.  Things that used to work, no longer do.  My energy and motivation are very low.  I am determined not to let this issue worsen and have been looking for ways that are not a temporary gimmick.  This sounds like something that will help me get started.  I already start with a protein drink in the morning, but not including all that you have spoken of in this post.  I am definitely going to give it a try and see if this helps my situation.  Thank you very much!

    1. Protein drink is almost the same what I described here, Jennie. I didn’t want to call it this way as I wanted to show Adelle Davis’ idea and my approach and not limit it to that only. Having a breakfast made of high quality protein powder is good, I would just add some flax seeds or chia seeds to it because of the good fats and fiber.
      Thank you for commenting and all the best!

  3. Hello, Lenka!

    I think what you’re absolutely clear on here is that a coffee-only breakfast is likely not the best choice. I know you didn’t come right out and say those words, but I have a feeling that both you and Adelle Davis would be shaking your heads at me! Her recipe that you tried years ago – raw egg? In a drink? I don’t know if I could do that!

    You have inspired me to do a better job with breakfast. Well, nutrition in general. Thank you for sharing your experience with your readers! I’m convinced that what I’m doing for my health isn’t necessarily the best choice. I’ve been convicted to do a better job! Thanks again for such a great and informative post on why breakfasts are so important, Lenka!

    1. Heidi, you are like my boyfriend! He also likes coffee for breakfast. There is nothing wrong with that, it is still better than having bread and butter with ham or jam, that is the worst breakfast in my opinion. You could have the shake for a late breakfast, almost a lunch. It’s good to eat when we are hungry whatever time it may be.
      I would say it’s good to listen to our bodies and they tell us what’s good for us. I know the shake I have had for so many years makes me feel good so I suppose it is good for me 🙂 It gives me the nutrients and keeps me energised.

  4. First of all, thank you for a great article and blog! I love topics like this as I am a fitness/nutrition enthusiast lol!

    I have probably tried every diet there is, from intermittent fasting to keto (like both by the way) but nothing beats (in my opinion) a vegan diet.
    Have been doing that for the last 9 months now and have never felt better, lost a lot of weight (but in a good way), got loads of energy and I never want to leave the gym nowadays. Before I was dead at the end of every workout.

    Another thing is that have been great for me since I turned vegan (was vegetarian for 1.5 years before I turned vegan) is that I used to get outbreaks in my face all the time, like some kind of inflammation. Those have completely disappeared with the wind, and I strongly believe dairy was the reason, as I ate a lot of cheese before. It might be the eggs also (I ate 4-5 eggs every morning for 6-7 years).

    But I strongly believe it was the dairy as I have done a lot of research on that subject and many studies conclude that it leads to inflammation in the body, that was actually the main reason why I wanted to try going completely plant based.


    One thing I never did (or very rarely) before turning vegan was eating oats.
    But now I eat that daily for breakfast instead, if I want to have the breakfast done fast I do porridge with almond or coconut milk… and top it with cinnamon

    But if I have a Little more time…

    Then I do DELICIOUS plant based pancakes!


    Here is a MUST TRY recipe for anyone (no matter if you are a vegan or not):

    2dl oats
    1dl coconut milk (or any other plant based milk)
    1 banana

    Mix it up,

    then just make them in the pan like you normally do pancakes (I use coconut fat as it tastes delicious).

    My favourite topping is a lot of frozen blueberries.


    That is my best breakfast advice (recipe)

    Am pretty sure you will LOVE how it tastes!

    Thank you again for a great website!


    1. John, thank you very much for the time you took commenting and sharing your experience. I agree that dairy can cause problems with the skin and it probably does for many. I’m considering cutting my dairy consumption down or replacing it with coconut milk and almond milk.

      I’m a big nutrition enthusiast too but I can’t imagine being a vegan, at least not yet. I love eggs and think they are good for us. They contain lecithin and proteins that are best absorbable by the human body. I don’t eat them every day but if I do, I feel well. Meat is something I don’t need. Eggs and bacon do 🙂 I eat them with vegetables and without carbs.

      I believe vegetarian or vegan diet is very healthy and good for many but I for myself prefer low-carb. I also eat nuts and seeds a lot.

      Your pancakes sound delicious! I think I have to give it a try!

  5. Hi Lenka

    It’s so interesting, as I have grown older, I find that my body’s needs have changed – not keeping in touch with that has been to my detriment, weight-wise. I really love the look of this breakfast idea and will be giving it a try. One thing I have noticed is that dairy can really pile on the weight for me (it could of course also be that I may love dairy far too much, haha), so I try to keep that to a minimum and make my shakes without the milk. I shall try yours for a treat breakfast though, that is for sure 🙂

    Thank you so much again.


    1. Hello Louse,
      thank you for sharing your experience! I know dairy causes problems to many and I personally had problems with it in the past before I had my thyroid removed, I think the problems were very much stress related. To be honest, I think our mind is sometimes the factor that causes the most problems, weight-related as well.
      Now when I am happy (but unfortunately without thyroid) I don’t have problems with any kind of foods. My diet is based on nuts a lot but I also take some supplements as you can read in my articles, omega 3 for instance.
      I think you could try the breakfast shake with almond milk or coconut milk. I would advice a protein powder then. Milk contains more protein than the plant-based milks. Protein is very important in our diet, I’ve been watching my protein intake all of my life. Low-carb diet is my choice.
      If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’ll be happy to help!

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