shungite purify water

How Does Shungite Purify Water

Coming across the information that Shungite stone is used to purify water without chemicals, I was intrigued to find out how it works (and whether it actually works).

I was astonished by the amount of available scientific information about Shungite properties. The sources are listed at the end of this article so you check them out.

Does Shungite Purify Water i.e. remove chlorine and fluoride?

Due to its unique structure, Shungite purifies water adsorbing 95% of contaminants that come into contact with its surface. Not only does it remove chlorine and fluoride, but also pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals, and other detrimental substances.


Why Removing Fluoride?

The question of whether fluoride is a toxin and should be removed from water or not is a controversial issue. Doctors and scientists do not agree on whether it is safe or not.

This reminds me of the issue with eggs. I still remember that people with higher blood pressure or heart problems were told by doctors not to eat eggs. Now almost everyone knows eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

It’s the problem with mainstream claims.

Fluoride has been added to public drinking water for years and we’ve been told that it’s good for teeth, etc.

But it’s not ok.

Several studies have confirmed that even low doses of fluoride in fluoridated water have an impact on thyroid hormones and in pregnant women manifest as increased rates of learning disabilities in their children.

Is Boiling the Water not enough?

I had thought that boiling tap water would be enough to remove toxic substances. We’ve always consumed tap water without any special filters.

But a few years ago, there were times when the water smelled so horrible even after boiling that I couldn’t drink it. Coffee or tea was totally disgusting.

So we bought a Brita filter pitcher. Since then we’ve filtered all water used in the kitchen, both for drinking and for cooking, in this filter jug.

But does it remove chlorine and fluoride as well as other detrimental elements?

Unfortunately not, it does not rid you of fluoride.

Can you purify water with reverse osmosis only?

Is there any other option that would enable you to purify water, chlorine, and fluoride in particular, without having to install reverse osmosis in your household?

Apparently, backed by research and studies, Shungite purifies water through its unique properties.

Contaminants removed by Shungite through adsorption and absorption:

  • phenols
  • dioxins
  • heavy metals
  • organochlorine compounds
  • radionuclides
  • oils
  • benzene
  • pesticides
  • chlorine
  • ammonia

Shungite And Its Amazing Properties

Shungite contains fullerenes, unusual carbon structures. What’s the most interesting fact about fullerenes is that their molecules are completely hollow. That’s why they can trap harmful chemicals and radio waves.

Here’s a perfect description of Shungite:

„Shungite has a heterogeneous molecular structure in which carbon occurs as 10 nm globules irregularly distributed within carbon showing no structure. The unusual physicochemical and structural properties of shungite are used in diverse industrial and environmental applications including metallurgy, water purification, thermolysis and organosynthesis of cyclic hydrocarbons. Shungite is an effective sorbent for removal of organic and inorganic substances, pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals from contaminated water.

Shungite has also antibacterial properties that disinfect water from harmful bacteria, such as e.coli.

In addition, Shungite water is believed to have detoxifying effects, cleansing the body of carcinogens.

shungite purify water

Through my research, I found a story of a massage therapist that describes her health issues and how Shungite helped her.

The lady has had ulcerative colitis for 20 years. She was unable to eat fruits and vegetables. Working in healthcare, she turned to doctors, specialists, has tried acupuncture, various supplements and remedies, and special diets.  With no result.

After drinking Shunghite water for over a year, she reports with great excitement that she can now eat fruits and feels like a new-born person.

She swears Shungite water really works.

That’s just one of many.

There are several types of Shungite, but without going too much into detail, I’ve found that elite noble Shungite is the one that has the best-purifying properties.

Elite Noble Shungite. View on Amazon (affiliate link)

How does Shungite purify water?

Shungite has a unique chemical composition – it has a high proportion of carbon, so it has a unique property of sorption and antibacterial properties. The carbon nature and porous structure of Shungite result in extremely high filtering capacity. Shungite absorbs up to 95% of pollutants including heavy metals, pesticides, radon, fluoride, and chlorine, as well as harmful microorganisms. The amount of organic substances and chemicals in Shungite water is close to zero.

How To Prepare Shungite Water

You can prepare Shungite water using elite Shungite chips or stones.

You will need:

  • A glass jug
  • 4 ounces (about 100 grams) of elite Shungite chips
  • 4 cups (about one liter) of water

Rinse the Shungite chips, put them into the jug, and fill it with water. Let the water with Shungite work for a minimum of 6 hours, preferably overnight.

You can watch a video with the preparation as well:

How long does it take for Shungite to purify water?

The information on how long does it take for Shungite to purify water varies. Many sources say it takes 6 to 8 hours but I’ve also found the information that you should let the water with Shungite sit for 24 to 72 hours.

When I prepare our Shungite water, I fill the glass pitcher in the evening and have the water ready in the morning. That’s about 10 hours.

shungite purify water

What are the benefits of drinking Shungite water?

Apart from removing impurities from water, Shungite is also supposed to protect you from EMF. Shungite has unique electrical properties due to its naturally conductive nature from the fullerenes. Scientific sources confirm that Shungite can block electromagnetic frequencies.

Shungite with its unique properties is also used in other objects such as necklaces, pendants, or pyramids.

Shungite pendant. View on Amazon (affiliate link)

Shungite necklace or pendant can enhance your vital field. Shungite pyramids are placed near a microwave or router to block EMF.

In the video below, Adam Barralet explains some interesting facts about Shungite being an ancestral healing stone.


Does Shungite help with pain?

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Shungite can help reduce pain and stress.

Are there any side effects of Shungite?

There aren’t any known side effects of using Shungite water or objects made of Shungite stones. However, sensitive people may experience effects on their vital fields:

  • insomnia or sleep disorders
  • Increased energy
  • Increased blood pressure

Drinking Shungite water, I haven’t experienced any of the above side effects. Maybe a lit bit more energy, but it’s really hard to consider. I would rather say my sleep has improved.


How To Clean Shungite

Shungite can with time amass all the negative energy and elements that it protects you from, which can affect your health and mood. To prevent it, cleanse your Shungite objects regularly.

It is recommended to cleanse your Shungite chips or objects about every six months. Rinse the Shungite chips in water and place them in the sun for a day.

This is the elite Shugite I would recommend you to buy: Elite Shungite Detoxification Stone on Amazon (affiliate link)



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14 thoughts on “How Does Shungite Purify Water

  1. Up till this point I had thought that reverse osmosis was enough. But I am so glad I came across your site. I had also heard a bit about Shungite stone. It’s exciting to discover it actually works and that no chemicals are involved. It has given me ideas for several use cases in our family. Thank you very much.

  2. Hey Lenka, this is a very helpful article on how to purify water with shungite. I’ve not really heard of shungite stone, this is the first time I’m hearing it from this article. It’s beautiful to see that the shungite stone purifies water without the use of chemicals. It has a lot of amazing properties too. I am glad I’ve come across this, now I wouldn’t have to boil my water all the time. Thank you very much. 

  3. Water purification is a very important thing that we should know about, a lot of times we’re exposed to dangerous germs and chemicals in the water we drink for instance fluoride, that is why this article about Shungite is really enlightening. I like the idea of purifying water without the use of chemicals, it makes it safer to drink, I’d love to try it.

  4. I have never heard of Shungite up until now that I am seeing it on your website. I think it is a really nice thing for you to give the information on how it works in relation to other ways of purifying water too. This one seems easy and it might take a while to purify but it does its work perfectly.

  5. Hi Lenka Sophie, great article on Shungite! I love the fact that you are bringing awareness to natural remedies! I am a firm believer that there is a natural remedy for everything. You have to think about what our ancestors were doing in the ancient days. I also have a Brita to cleanse my water, I didn’t know fluoride wasn’t removed from water when using the Brita pitcher. I was brought up to believe fluoride was good for you. But like you said, fluoride consumption is linked to a lot of health issues. We never know these days all we can do is do our research. 

  6. Hi Lenka,
    I am forever working on preparedness. I do have a filter system in place that is all-natural that filters out 99.99% of all bad materials, and the list is huge that I use that for drinking and cooking.
    Your article has given me the idea to combine the two by placing the Shungite in my filtered water. They are 5-gallon jugs that sit on a water dispenser. I like the idea of energizing my water. Listening to the video gave me insight into what these crystals can do; their capacity is incredible and gets a very firm yes in my muscle testing.
    I also use food-grade oxygen peroxide to oxidize my water. I use 8 drops per gallon of water. It also keeps my water clean and tasting like pure – spring water
    I do not recommend Brita filters, but I do get a very good yes if you combine the two methods you do get a much higher quality of water. What I mean is that I have muscle tested this method and I get a positive response. But just the Brita filter doesn’t do the job.
    I get a very high positive on using the Shungite crystal for energizing water. The water jugs are 5 gallons and it takes two days to go through the water for three people and I would not have to clean them very often as the oxygen in the water would keep them clean.
    I am experimenting with extracting water from the air and to date, I have harvested 25 gallons. There are impurities in the air but not as many as tap water. I get good vibes about using the crystal in this method. But I still filter the water after harvesting also.
    There is a lot to say about have good drinking water these days but it would be a very long comment. I would like to thank you for this very important tip. As always there is always a better way.

    1. Hi Linda,
      thank you very much for your comment, I’m so happy that I could contribute to your extensive knowledge. I constantly search for new information and there are so many sources, I enjoy going through scientific studies and scholarly articles. However, I also rely on my intuition and believe that some things can’t even be explained with strictly scientific facts. I was hesitating before I wrote this article if I should get into this subject because I’m not an expert in water purification by far, and it’s not something I would be much interested in in the past. But my intuition was telling me I should write that so I did. It took me a long time to go through the information necessary to write this but I’m glad I did.
      Always a better way.

  7. I had not heard of shungite at all before this, though I am always keen to learn more about natural remedies.
    I will definitely be looking to use this to cleanse my drinking water as I have been concerned about the many chemicals added to the water for a long time.
    I too have had occasional issues with the taste of water when the chemical mix is out of sorts and leaves a type of scum on the surface.
    My remedy for that is to take a photo and add it to social media, they fix it very quickly then.
    Thank you for a very interesting and informative post Lenka.

    1. I’ve come across shungite only recently in a forum and several people claimed they have been using it over a long period of time. When I’ve read all the scientific explanations and evidence, I was convinced and had to buy it.
      I’m glad this post was interesting for you, Linda. Thank you for your comment.

  8. I have never heard of Shungite before. I am always happy to read about something that I know nothing about.  I work at the water treatment plant in my city, so I do know some stuff about fluoride in the water.

    It is always a hot button issue with people the fact that we do put some fluoride in our water when we treat it, but it is a small amount.  I think this product would certainly give people the peace of mind that they are looking for when it comes to good clean and safe water.  Thank you.

  9. Oh, so that’s what you call those stones! I remember a representative from some company gave me a demonstration a long time ago, but I didn’t buy them.

    Currently, I use a water filter at home, and it has worked fine for me ever since. Now that I recall, I need to change the filter.

    By the way, how long can we reuse those stones? Can we reuse them indefinitely provided we take good care of them or do they have a life cycle?

    Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll keep it in mind for future reference. Anything that can help us improve our health is welcome.

    1. The Shungite stones should be cleared in the sun every few months and they do not last forever. Elite Shungite stones are recommended to be changed once a year.
      We have a Brita pitcher and I was a bit concerned that it doesn’t remove chlorine and fluoride. I still use it but now I double clean the water using the Shungite crystal as well.
      You are right, everything that helps us improve our health is good and we should be informed.

  10. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this well detailed and informative piece of information. I am very happy I came across this. I was looking for information on how to purify water without any chemicals, I wondered whether there was a natural way. That’s how I found shungite, but I also wanted to know how it works. Your review helped me understand it more in detail.

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