Natulique organic hair color review

NATULIQUE Organic Hair Color – No More Grey Hair

Finding a 100% organic hair color that covers grey hair perfectly is impossible. But you still want a hair color (I should rather say hair dye, I know) that is as safe as possible. Definitely ammonia-free and without irritating toxic substances.

That’s why I used henna for several years instead of chemical hair dyes.

Henna definitely is a solution for many. But what if you are blonde or want a cool hair tone?

You can have all shades of red, ginger, and orange with henna but nothing cool. Forget about blonde or ash brown.

That’s how I started looking for a natural hair dye that would enable me to have ash brown / black hair close to the natural color of my hair. And that’s how I found Natulique.

My Natulique Organic Hair Color Review

I found out that the hair colors by Natulique are almost 100% natural, containing a very low amount of chemicals compared to other hair colors.

I found a hair salon not far from my house and booked a treatment.

I really can’t complain about having much grey hair, being 52 I could be much worse off. However, almost all of the grey hair is located above my forehead where it is most visible so I was concerned whether Natulique would cover that well.

Why do I say that? Because henna doesn’t cover your grey hair unless you work in a two-stage process and that takes several hours.

Chemical-based hair dyes cover grey hair easily, but a natural one? I was really curious about the result.

The range of shades is very wide, from white to black to blue/black and it’s really nice to be able to choose from so many natural shades.

I selected ash dark brown shade as I wanted to cover my reddish hair undertone caused by henna.

Surprisingly, there was no smell when the hairdresser mixed the color and applied it on my head. No itching either. The hairdresser let it work for about half an hour and then washed it off, just like with any other hair dye.

The Natulique hair color covered my grey hair perfectly and it looked shiny and healthy even before drying. I was impressed.

Natulique Organic Hair Color - Lenka Sophie

Natulique Organic Hair Color Review – INGREDIENTS

Natulique doesn’t claim to be completely organic and chemical-free because that’s not possible if you want to have a permanent professional hair day covering grey hair completely.

However, the term „organic“ has become a synonym for products that are free of harsh chemicals and contain natural ingredients. They are listed on the Natulique website and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw so many herbal and fruit extracts there. Have a look at them yourself:

  • GRAPE / Vitis vinifera seed oil,
  • WHEAT / Sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein,
  • SHEA TREE / Butyrospermum parkii butter,
  • OLIVE / Pegu 10 Glycerides
  • SUNFLOWER / Helianthus annuus seed extract,
  • JOJOBA / Simmondsia chinensis seed oil,
  • PEACH / Prunus persica kernel oil,
  • APRICOT / Prunus armeniaca kernel oil,
  • LEMON / Citrus medica limonum peel extract,
  • GRAPEFRUIT / Citrus grandis peel oil,
  • ORANGE / Citrus aurantium dulcis peel oil.

These ingredients all have great benefits for the hair and scalp. The condition and protect the scalp and restore moisture to it. They increase the shine of the hair and make the hair look super healthy. And they stimulate blood circulation to the hair and scalp and thereby stimulate hair renewal.

However, it is not only about ingredients. The question is performance as well, i.e. how well does it cover grey hair? How long does it last without being washed off? Well, I can say Natulique is the best performing and most gentle hair day I have had on my hair so far. My scalp is no itchy, my hair smells nice and there are no signs of irritation. I would definitely recommend this hair dye to everyone.

Is Natulique PPD free?

PPD, which stands for paraphenylenediamine, is a chemical substance that is widely used as a hair dye as it gives a natural look and is permanent. However, it is a common irritant. People who suffer from an irritated scalp or various skin issues, as well as those who are allergic to PPD, have to look for a hair dye without this substance and it is not easy to find one.

Pure henna is ammonia-free and PPD free. But if you want any shade of blonde, white/greyish blonde or ash brown, you are screwed.

Natulique is a perfect solution for you then. It is totally free of ammonia and contains a very small amount of PPD. I found the information that the PPD content is 0.01% on average.

The minimal amount of PPD is necessary to deliver professional quality and provide 100% grey hair coverage and I think it’s what we all expect from a permanent hair dye.

However, as there are more and more people with allergies and skin issues, That’s why Natulique developed ZERO HAIR COLOURS that are 100% PPD free. With NATULIQUE ZERO Colours you have 11 hair colors in a ZERO alternative.

This is what the Natulique website says about it:

„The Original NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colours was, and still is, a huge success and the undisputed champion when it comes to PTD, Ammonia, Parabens, and SLS FREE Hair Colours, with no, or extremely low levels of PPD.

The demand for 100% PPD FREE Hair Colours, related to a global increase in skin allergies, has since inspired NATULIQUE to create 100% PPD FREE NATULIQUE ZERO Hair Colours for clients with a heightened sensitivity to PPD.“


So if you are ultra-sensitive, the ZERO Hair Colours are the way for you.

Are Natulique Hair Colors Really Organic?

Through some research regarding hair colors, it seems that completely organic hair color doesn’t exist even though the term is widely used (and that’s why it is the headline of this article as well). Nevertheless, hair colors described or marketed as organic usually contain significantly fewer chemicals and are much gentler to the hair and scalp than conventional hair colors.

I’m sure Natulique would be totally PPD free and certified organic if it was possible to produce 100% pure hair color in professional quality.

NATULIQUE doesn’t claim to have organic hair colors but they added a „certified organic beauty“ tagline to their brand. The hair color not only looks great on your hair but also leaves the hair healthier due to the content of nourishing ingredients.

History of Natulique

The company was founded by Mette and Stig in 1998. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Mette started to investigate what could have caused that. Here’s what she says:

I was only 28 and a young law student when the doctors discovered a lump in my breast during a routine check-up. My husband Stig and my family were all shocked. I had been living a healthy life and did not smoke nor drink. My family had no history of breast cancer, so it seemed very unreal to me that I now was diagnosed with cancer. I was very scared.

At the time of my diagnosis, there was little information about the disease. My own investigation made it clear to me that our constant exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation is connected to our risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer education, chemical reduction in our everyday lives and early detection is lifesaving. Being involved in breast cancer prevention, as a partner to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, is thus a cause that is very close to our hearts at NATULIQUE. We have started our own foundation to increase cancer awareness in the Salon Industry.

Although we are working with one of the strictest cosmetic safety regulations in the world, we have even higher demands for protecting the consumer of cosmetic products. With my background as a lawyer, NATULIQUE is able to stand stronger, as my professional legal knowledge benefits the company greatly when it comes to following and understanding the cosmetics legislation.

Natulique hair colors follow the 360BIOCERT standard which means that they pledge to live up to the standards. The 360BIOCERT standard demands that a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients has a natural origin.

The company is also part of various initiatives like Be Cruelty-Free, Breast Cancer Awareness as well as Christmas Aid. NATULIQUE represents a family business with an honest history and passion for sustainable and ethically sound products produced and designed for professional use.

Final Conclusion

Summing up my NATULIQUE Organic Hair Color Review, I have to say that there’s nothing I wouldn’t like about this brand.

The hair color is safe, doesn’t smell bad, the hair looks shiny and healthy and it doesn’t wash off quickly. And it covers grey hair completely.

This is why I would recommend NATULIQUE to everyone; if you want to avoid harsh chemicals on your hair and have a very natural-looking hair dye applied on your hair, look for a hairdresser near your home that uses Natulique products. You’ll be amazed by the look in the mirror and won’t have to worry about what your scalp may say to that.

If you want to grow your hair long and support it naturally, have a look at this article: How to make hair grow faster naturally.

8 thoughts on “NATULIQUE Organic Hair Color – No More Grey Hair

  1. I got my first grey hair when I was 16 and ever since then I’ve been looking for a good dye to cover it up. I’ve considered henna before, but because my hair is also a natural ash brown I never tried it. I’ve used harsh dyes for a long time now, just because the coverage is so much better, but if this product works as good as you say, I’ll have to check it out. 

  2. It seems like Natulique can dye gray hair completely, and with natural ingredients. I was also impressed that you put the effort to research the history of Natulique as well as the certifications it goes through before being sold to the public. I am assuming this product is only for women, as there is nothing about males mentioned there. I think men would benefit from this product too if there is a male version.  

  3. I like the fact that nowadays, many manufacturers are making the effort to use clean ingredients in their products. And I think Natulique has a great list of ingredients that will help color our hair in a manner that will not harm it.

    I am a great fun of Henna but as you said, it does not really cover grey hair. I have a lot of those already and I would like to color my hair just to change for a month or two. Now, will Natulique be easy to remove?

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nobody wants to get old and everybody wants the best out of their hair and look. Finding a 100% organic hair color that covers grey hair perfectly is impossible. It is also impossible finding a cream or supplement that will keep you from ageing 100%. Going through this review I found out that the minimal amount of PPD is necessary to deliver professional quality and provide 100% grey hair coverage and I think it’s what everybody who is interested in healthier options and organic stuff expects from a permanent hair dye. Thank you for this review, it has provided the information I was looking for.

    1. Exactly, that’s what I expect from a high-quality natural permanent hair dye as well. I’m glad this review was useful for you.

  5. Fantastic, wonderful, and nice product for coloring your hair, this Natulique organic hair color. A very useful product which most of the people like most. So, everybody should use this product.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t say everybody should use it 🙂 some people might have a beautiful hair color without any grey hair, but unfortunately, my hair is greying and I need to do something with it.
      Although there is a big trend of having grey hair, I don’t think it would suit me. Just like everything, it’s not for everyone, we have to consider what looks good on us and what doesn’t.
      I used to apply henna on my hair and it looked good but I don’t like red hair anymore and wanted my natural hair color – or something as close to my color as possible. Finding Natulique was a blessing, the colors look very natural and the hair is healthier and happier 🙂

  6. If you would like to enhance your hair attraction, you should color your hair by this product because it is an organic color which has no side effects. Use and get solution.

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