inner beauty versus physical beauty

Do You Shine Differently? Inner Beauty versus Physical Beauty

This article about Inner Beauty versus Physical Beauty was written by my friend Diana, a beautiful soul.

Diana - inner beauty


Namaste, my friend. My name is Diana, a Certified Yoga and Pilates Teacher, and Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Facilitator. My main purpose is to help people to reconfigure their lifestyle, by being aware of their uniqueness, bringing discipline and balance in all the aspects of their lives: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial.

If you would like to know me and my work closely, I invite you to have a look at my main website How to Improve Your Lifestyle.

When I am not with my students, I love to offer color to my life through my passions: oriental food and culture, foreign languages, photography, travels, fashion, and of course beauty.

How does beauty resonate with you: does it offer you a sensitive manifestation related to a thing, a gesture, a person, or a sensation? For me, beauty is related to the brightness of a new day, to the vivid color of the landscape, to the purity of the soul or the innocence of a baby, to kindness, elegance, peace, or the wisdom of a mind.

inner beauty versus physical beauty - roots leading from face

Are you aware of how much beauty exists around us? But unfortunately, as human beings, we diminish its true value, fading more and more every day in our eyes. This is because we project our inner world into the outside world.

Nowadays, we live in an outer world of obsessions, of the unnatural, of materialism, a world transformed with the speed of the light, which gives us the fear that we cannot keep up the step with the changes, or that we cannot fit into.

All this makes us live in a restless, negative, and uncontrollable inner world, which we project into outside, affecting our physical appearances, our vision, surrounding environment, and people close to us.


Today I am bringing to the discussion a delicate topic about Physical beauty vs inner beauty.

How many times have you looked in the mirror to admire your face and body shape, and noticed the beauty and the brightness that you radiate in your happy days? But also your lack of admiration, self-confidence, self-esteem, and energy, in your sad or tense days?

I think the answer is: many times. All these changes of physical appearance are projections of our inner states: mental, emotional, and spiritual, but also due to the superficial and extravagant standards that the media and society, nowadays, promote on an ideally desirable level. Beauty is a state of mind, but it also depends on the eyes that look at it.

inner beauty versus physical beauty - eyes of a girl with covered face

But still, do you not think that beauty means more than what appears on the surface?

I know you will tell me that inner beauty is a cliché, but believe me, my friend, as my personal experience of life has shown me in many cases, that our personality, mind, and character represents the true and valuable beauty.

No one is perfect, but everyone is beautiful in their personal ways. “Sometimes people are beautiful just in what they are.”

Physical beauty can be natural, such as cases where people have a natural genetic beauty, or have a healthy lifestyle in terms of great habits and a balanced diet. All these maintain the beauty and the natural health of the body, but also of the mind. It offers mental clarity, structures the body shapes, gives a special glow to the skin, hair, but especially gives you a general vitality.

But also, physical beauty can be enhanced by the use of cosmetic products, plastic surgery, physical maintenance programs, accessories, or clothing. People have moved it to a higher level nowadays, that is why they are willing to pay more and more money in order to preserve it.

Physical beauty attracts the eyes, put the spotlight on itself, stimulate the senses, but as we well know, it is also transient.

Instead, the inner beauty is much deeper and stronger, because it captures the heart, bringing brightness into everyone. To hold it, we need order in our lives, and our moments of loneliness, to bring inner and mental balance.

inner beauty versus physical beauty - woman with shining circles around her body


At the moment we remove the conditioned layers of life, and we connect to our soul; we treat its wounds, and explore the relationship with ourselves, a door will open for us to compassion, balance, peace, self-knowledge, and confidence in our values and abilities.

We radiate love, kindness, self-esteem, elegance, integrity, wisdom, and politeness.

Our inner beauty will stand out for the brightness of our own aura, transforming everything around us.


“Life is always fascinating because of the constant creativity of the soul.” Deepak Chopra

Do not forget, beauty is about how you are as a person, how you see and feel about yourself, and how you make others feel about themselves.

People who maintain their psychical youth, mental clarity, and a soul full of love and purity, will radiate the same outer beauty regardless of their age.


“Beauty is the virtue of Love!”


Shine Differently and Embrace Inner Beauty!

Have a blessed day.

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inner beauty - a girl with finger in a heart shape

I have to say I completely agree with Diana on this. And I would add my favorite quote: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
Lenka Sophie

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