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7 Tips How to Tighten Facial Skin Naturally

If you are over forty, you might see that your skin is losing elasticity and is sagging. It is a natural process but we don’t like, of course. All girls want to look young and tight, right? Especially in our face. So the question is how to tighten facial skin naturally to keep that young look. Read my tips based on my own experience and research.

How to Tighten Facial Skin Naturally

Don’t get me wrong. By naturally, I mean everything we can do without opting to go for facial surgery. I’m not against it but that can be done later. Why would you have someone cut into your face when you are forty or fifty? There are other means of help.

So here are my tips based on my experience and observation. Please be aware that none of the tips works overnight. Like everything in life, it takes time to see results. You don’t lose 10 pounds in one day. Not even in 10 days.

You have to be consistent. Make it your routine. Daily, at best, but if you skin once in a while, nothing horrible happens. But if keep doing these things for a few months, you will see incredible results.

how to tighten facial skin naturally
tighten facial skin naturally with jogging or walking

1. Work out / Walk

When we exercise, our body warms up and our oxygen consumption increases. The entire body is supplied with oxygen more and it affects our skin a lot. The skin gets pink and looks younger immediately. I can always see the results of my fast morning walk with my dog on my skin when I get back.

If you make a 30-minute walk your daily routine, you will see great results on your skin.

Another important thing is that if you have more muscles, it can tighten the sagging skin. With aging there is a loss of muscle tone which can contribute to sagging skin. Have you noticed that sportsmen, even at old age, don’t have such loose skin on their face? It’s because of the muscles.

2. Facial Exercise

I have read about this technique when I was about 25. I didn’t need it that time but it caught my attention. It is a facial exercise that prevents double chin. If you already have one or you can see your skin sagging there, try it for a month and I’m sure you will see the results.

The exercise consists of repeating saying the letters O – U – X loud clenching the muscles around your mouth and on the front side of your neck as much as you can. Say it about 10 or 15 times every day and see, how amazing this simple exercise is!

Here is a short video with the exercise I recorded for you:


3. Moisturizing Cream

Dehydration or in other words lack of moisture is what makes small lines and wrinkles appear in your face in an increasing quantity. You don’t want that, do you? So you need a good moisturizing cream.

Everyone skin is different so you have to try which one works best for you. In general, if the cream contains vitamin E, essential oils and matrixyle, it’s a good beginning. There is a wide choice of really good creams with great effects.

cream with active ingredients
cream with active ingredients

4. Facial Massage

When you apply a cream, don’t just rub the cream in quickly. Rub it into your skin and massage it at least for a few minutes.  Softly tap the skin on your face just like a beautician does, make circles on your forehead and lift the cheeks from the bottom to the top; it lifts the parts where the skin is sagging. Another benefit is that It makes the blood flow in the skin and you can see the skin gets pink. It makes a big difference if you massage your skin every evening after cleansing. It helps to tighten your skin as well.

5. Eat Foods that Are Good for You

What do I mean by that? Healthy diet in general. Fruits, vegetables, protein drinks, eggs and other foods but most of all stay away from fast food and processed food. You don’t have to be strict with your diet but what you do every day on a regular basis always affects your look, your figure and your mind. It is proven to be that way.

I suppose I don’t need to mention avoiding sweetened drinks and alcohol. A glass of wine or beer can’t harm but being drinking won’t make your skin look any better. And the hangover afterwards either!

fruits and vegetables are good for skin
fruits and vegetables are good for skin

6. Limit or Avoid Sugar and Salt

What does sugar do to your skin

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar cause inflammation. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin. And we know that we need collagen and elastin to have our skin elastic and supple. When collagen and elastin deplete, it results in sagging skin and wrinkles.

What does salt do to your skin

Sodium that is commonly known as salt retains water in the body if it’s consumed in excess. That’s why your face might look puffy or chubby even though your figure is slim. Bags under your eyes may appear which is certainly not something you would wish to have.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, Americans eat too much salt — more than a teaspoon and a half a day on average. There are many health-related results of such a high consumption of salt than just the effects on the skin.

However, if you are considering reducing or avoiding salt from your diet, you should consult your healthcare practitioner as there are certain health issues that might be affected by a drastic change in your diet.

7. Positive Attitude

This is something that makes you look younger and better no matter what age you are. When you’re smiling, not only are you feeling happier which affects the production of endorphins but you are also shining bright on everyone around you. My boyfriend always tells me “smile, it suits you” when I exceptionally don’t.

Did you know that if you force a smile for about 2 minutes, it can trick your brain into happiness? However, if you feel really sad for a serious reason, you shouldn’t force yourself to do this. There are better days and worse days and all emotions belong to us. It is normal to feel sad sometimes.

But if you are a grumpy person, try to see something positive in everything and try to force a smile. Smiling at others also bring good vibes. Happiness is a habit, you can learn to be happy even if you don’t live in the best conditions.

So those are my 7 tips how to tighten facial skin naturally.
Try them out and tell me how they worked on you!

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9 thoughts on “7 Tips How to Tighten Facial Skin Naturally

  1. hi, I have seen first-hand how can the facial skin look younger. I think that if you get the right supplements it can take many years up your parents. Salt intake is something to be a little bit concerned about but not a big deal. Same thing with sugars. Diet is definitely a factor honestly, as well as nutrition. And I think creams are probably effective but I cannot say for sure. What would you say the effectiveness is of the facial creams that are being sold today?

    1. Hello Jake, I agree that nutrition plays the biggest role, in my case it is definitely the most important factor as I’ve been concerned about my diet all of my life. Not strict but I keep an eye on what I eat on a daily basis. I’m a supporter of higher protein low carb diet, gain nothing strict but always having the nutrients on my mind. 
      As to the creams, I think many of them are highly overpriced. To have a good cream is necessary though, rubbing pure oil or butter onto your skin doesn’t moisturize the skin enough and wrinkles appear quicker. 
      It can be a long process to find out which cream suits your skin needs. It took me a long time to find the right one for me where I actually feel how it keeps moisture in my skin and makes it look glowing and healthy.

  2. Admittedly, it is natural for the skin to start experiencing a bit of sagging or folding with time but as you pointed out, women especially do not enjoy that form of maturity at all. Now regarding the tips you shared to tighten the facial skin back, I believe they can be very beneficial. The only factor that I think might be a hindrance is consistency in the application of the tips.

    Thank you for this great article.

    1. That’s absolutely true, Rhain, lack of consistency is the number one factor why people fail at becoming successful, lose weight, learn a new language and, as you suggest, improve the condition of their skin. Everything needs some effort and consistency, nothing happens overnight.
      I can be a very determined person if I decide to achieve something so I have no problem with that. 
      Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

  3. I found your article very useful and informative.

    I have learnt a lot from your facial beauty tips. I have tried few of your beauty tips for facial tightening like facial massage, facial exercise. Saying O-U-X . Well I am usually doing facial exercise saying A-E-I-O-U (VOWELS) loudly. It helps a lot  and is a very good facial exercise.  Walking is the best exercise for your overall health and is very good for tightening  skin. 

    Thanks for sharing your tips, this is a great article!

    1. That’s great, SJ. I actually think every woman should take care of herself and try to look as good as possible. Yes, walking is the best exercise not all for our body but also for our mind as it brings calmness and makes one feel happier in general, it takes away the daily stress. 
      Stay tuned, more articles with tips will be coming soon!

  4. Hi Lenka,

    About cutting salt. It is a common believe in America that salt is bad for you and it is, if you use any commercial salt. The reason is that those have taken out the magnesium because these salt companies make much more money selling magnesium to the defense industry.
    remember the saying “te salt of the earth”? Salt was traded as currency (Austria) because it was more valuable than gold. Without salt and water intake we couldn’t survive.
    I am talking about healthy salt like Celtic salt. I like its taste better than Himalayan salt. Celtic salt is produced by running the sea water over twig hedges, you can see them along the Atlantic shore in France. It looks grey, not pretty but so good and healthy.
    When I helped out as “Visiting Angel” and my patients fresh out of the hospital were told to eliminate salt, we (my doctor friend and I ) were shaking our heads.
    Yes, to reading labels on cans and watch for sodium content – I don’t use canned goods anyway – but YES to Celtic salt.


    1. Hello Petra,
      wow, I have never heard of Celtic salt, I know Himalayan salt but not the Celtic one. I am very curious about the taste of it so I will try to find and buy it. Thank you for this valuable information about the magnesium being taken away from the commercial salt. It explains a lot and I’m not surprised, there is more and more information of this kind coming out.

      I am really happy you mentioned this here so that more people can read it and it a is also something for me to look into as everything that concerns nutrition has always been interesting for me.

  5. Hi Lenka, 😊

    Lovely! Thanks for the article.

    I just wish to comment on two of the seven points:

    1. Sugar and salt are two household and everyday items the dangers of which can never be overemphasized. I actually it’s only been in the past decade that the international community has been aggressive enough in limiting the Public Health ill effects of sugar and salt. And from where I stand, many people who have for decades not been bothering or taking enough precaution, now see the need and are taking action. And it’s oh sooo easy to cut down on the two items! In months of stepping down consumption, you could be off sugar and salt, with incredible health benefits, visible and hidden!

    2. ATTITUDE, as they say, determines your altitude. We need to always be conscious of our facial expressions. This, as you have outlined, is not just for the social benefits, but also for the physical benefits!

    Cheers, Lenka. (Oops, my smartphone is suggesting I smile again! Why not? 😊)

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