how to make your face more attractive

How To Make Your Face More Attractive

No matter if we were born with a pretty face or not, all of us girls want to look good and attractive. Not only to men, but to feel good about ourselves.

How can you make your face more attractive? There are a few tricks, or better to say just simple every day routine you can apply in your life in order to make your face more attractive, healthy and glowing.

How To Make Your Face More Attractive

All of these steps are things I personally use, not just something from textbooks. Some of these tips are well-known but I have to repeat them, because they are the basics and you just can’t skip them. To be honest, it took me many, many years to get to the point where I started to be really happy with my look and feel attractive. One of the tips is really a special hack so be sure you read all the way down till the end.


Tip No. 1: Soft massage

Give your face a soft massage every morning. I do something believed to be lymphatic massage in order to improve the blood and lymph flow every morning before I get up.

You just start in the middle of your forehead, sliding with both hands downwards and ending under the cheekbones next to your lips.

When you finish, your skin is pink and looks healthy.

Tip No. 2: Pamper Your Skin

Use the best ingredients for your skin. Retinol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, matrixyl 3000, these skincare substances have proven effects that can wipe several years off your face and the velvety feeling when you touch your face is priceless.

Always wear a sunscreen. Sun rays are nice but they make our skin age. A few lines from smiling (the famous crows feet) are ok but too many wrinkles are not very attractive. We don’t want to look older than we really are, right?

How to make your face more attractive - a young woman doing face massage

Tip No. 3: Wear Suitable Foundation Or Primer

I am not saying that every woman has to wear makeup. If you have perfect complexion and all of your face has the same color, you might do without. But to be honest, I don’t know anyone who would not look better with a light primer, foundation or BB cream on. Honestly.

The foundation or BB cream unifies the color of your skin and if you use a very light one that matches your natural complexion, you will look much healthier and glowing than without it.


Tip No. 4: Use Flattering Makeup Tricks

Find your personal way how to underline the features in your face, a makeup that suits you well. I’m not a fan of one-for-all tips. Some experts say a red lipstick is always good. I don’t think so, it really doesn’t suit everyone.

Same with black eyeliners used around the entire eyes. If you have small eyes, this will make them look even smaller.

On the other hand, finding how to do your makeup in a way that it’s flattering can make you look 100% better than without it.

Less is usually better than more. Especially if you are 40+ and have some signs of aging, putting too much make up on might even make you look older.

How to make your face more attractive - girls doing make up tricks


Tip No. 5: Gratitude

Think of all the things you can be grateful for. This tip might seem like it has nothing to do with a question how to make your face more attractive, but believe me, it does.

When you ask yourself a question „What can I be grateful for?,“ you will find out there are many things.

Do you have a house/flat you can live in?
Then you are better off than many homeless people.

Do you have eyes and ears so you can read and listen?
Then you are better off than many disabled people.

Do you have work that provides you with money?
Then you are better off than many who don’t.

This way, you can find many blessings in you life.

I am grateful every day that I have a house to live in, I can do what I love, buy what I need and have a loving partner (and a loving dog).

If you make this a habit, you will be happier with your life. You will be more positive, thus attracting more positive things into your life. The happier you are, the better you look. The beauty shines from the inside.

Cats expecting something good

Tip No. 6: Expect The Best

Never think that you are not lucky, you have a hard life etc. We all have had some bad experience in life, no exceptions. But there is always something to look forward to, and trust life. Trust the universe that you will get the best.

I used to worry about money a lot in the past. One of my best friends told me a sentence I will never forget:

„The universe always has your back.“

I started saying that to myself until I got it under my skin. When you think about it, there really is nothing to worry about. Do animals worry about their future? Does your dog worry?



Tip No. 7: Sweat

Walking, jogging, biking, skiing, swimming, all this makes us sweat. These sports are aerobic activities that are good for weight loss as well, but they also make us look more attractive.

Aerobic activities that make us sweat provide the skin with more oxygen and promote collagen production. That’s why we get the healthy pink color every time we work out.

Sex has similar effects. After all, it is physical exercise, too.

Exercise can provide antioxidant protection and increase blood flow, which can protect our skin and delay signs of aging. 

Dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, says to WebMD:

By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. “Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. By increasing blood flow, a bout of exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system. You can think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside.”

how to make your face more attractive - a girl jogging in a park


Tip No. 8: Practice Yoga

This tip is actually good both for the body and for the mind.

Stretching your muscles increases your flexibility and also improves your posture.

Your posture is more important than you might think. It makes you look younger and you feel more confident. That increases attractiveness a lot.

In addition, yoga can be a sweating experience too!

Vinyasa flow or power yoga requires a great deal of stamina and can add up to your sports activities.

Yoga can also calm your mind. When you focus on the exercises and stay in the present moment, it gives your mind a mental break.

„Research has shown that people who practice yoga regularly have low cortisol levels.

Studies have also found that practicing yoga for at least 3 months may lower cortisol and perceived stress and reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines that cause inflammation.“ Medical News Today


Tip No 9: Wear Colors That Suit You

You would be surprised how many people do not wear color that complement their skin color. But it is much more important than what brand are you wearing.

For instance, if you are „winter color type,“ you look great in snow white, but when you put cream color on, you look grey and even ill.

There are always warm and cool shades of every color. So if you wear wrong shades, no matter what brand and how expensive, you have no chance to look as good as if you wear the color that is flattering for you.

If you have never heard of color analysis or still don’t know what hues suit you, here is something I found online that gives a nice overview: Color Analysis – Finding Your Type

In this short video, you can also get guidance on how to choose clothes, gemstones and makeup that suit you.

Tip No. 10: Smile and enjoy life

People who can enjoy life are always attractive because the happiness and joy they feel can be perceived by the people. The positive vibes spread and are contagious.

Making jokes, smiling and being happy does affect our looks more than we would think. That sparkle in the eye can’t be pretended.


Final Thoughts

If you really want to look attractive, do your best, but do not worry about it too much. Just be happy, laugh a lot and enjoy life!


Do you want to know some anti-aging tips and tricks? You can find them in this article: Anti-aging beauty hacks that actually work

13 thoughts on “How To Make Your Face More Attractive

  1. Great post and some of these points are known already, but we don’t do them enough and so we have to be reminded of them. I hate wearing lots of makeup, so I think that facial massage and looking after your skin is really important if you want to be able to wear bb cream and not have to layer on the base. I love wearing a bb cream and only wear heavier makeup if I go out on a special event. I think keeping it light allows your skin to breathe as well.

    1. I absolutely agree, Michel! Keeping it light is my motto as well. Maybe I should have mentioned it more in the article that perfect makeup should very much look like no makeup at all. That’s really an art in itself, to underline the features of our faces with light tones that are flattering and people think we are just naturally beautiful. 

  2. Wow, this is one of those articles you read with a lot of enthusiasm with your head really bowed down and reading between the lines. It’s exciting to read that we can make our faces beautiful without having spent a lot of money or use many products. I love massaging my face and I practice yoga just before going to bed and it has helped strengthen and tone my body. I am happy with the results I see on my face and I smile everyday as I look at myself on the mirror. Thank you for such an encouraging article.

    1. Yeah, in my opinion yoga for the peace of mind should be on the top of the list for many people, it gives you inner beauty that shines from within. All the skincare is also necessary and there are such great tools that can help us prevent aging, erase wrinkles etc. but nothing can beat the calmness and inner peace.

  3. Hello Lenka, 

    I really enjoyed my read through your article. One of the thing that you have done perfectly is the structure of this article. It has a great navigation process with the navigation bar at the top of your article. I also love that you have a great mixture of advice from make up to mental thoughts and also physical exercises. Some of the articles only focus on make up, which in my opinion, shouldn’t be the only way to beauty. I also love how you covered everything in such a detailed manner from our skin, our mind to our body. I will definitely take your advice on these tips and also share this knowledge with my sisters! Thank you so much for your review. I’ll be looking forward to more articles from you.

    1. Hey Jyongwa, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the article. I believe all that three things are equally important and we need to take care of them. It is my experience. 
      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

  4. I love the topic of your article. Even more I like that you didn’t just focus on make-up and chemical treatments.

    I also believe that our attitude about life can make a huge difference in our appearance. Positivity definitely makes people look better, negativity doesn’t. 

    You have some great tips for looking your best.

    1. I strongly believe our attitude affects all our lives, not only appearance. Makeup itself can’t make people happy if they are deeply unhappy with themselves. So many beautiful models everybody looks up to are anorectic, depressed etc. So we have to find the way how to make ourselves happy. That comes first.

      And then the exercise. It is another thing that is very underestimated regarding the effects on beauty. Many people exercise because they want to lose weight but the effects on the face are tremendous. It is like an anti-aging magic 🙂 

  5. What a great article! Such a variety of things women can do to look better/younger.  A few things I loved is the “being grateful” part, it reminds me how positive thinking (the glass is half full) can really calm you and get rid of those frowny forehead lines. Also, so great to learn how yoga (which I’ve been wanting to try) can actually lower cortisol while exercise can promote collagen, which helps the skin look younger too! And finally, enjoyed watching the color analysis video and learning I’m an Autumn! Thanks for the wonderful info!

    1. I’m very happy I could extend your knowledge, Elaine. These tips are all the things I have been doing for years and I believe it’s the reason why I look how I look with 52 years of age. If I didn’t do anything, it would be a big difference. Makeup wouldn’t save me 🙂
      Thank you for taking time to comment, I appreciate that.  

  6. My girlfriend is going to love this article so much, this has been a very interesting post to read, I think she will love it even more haha. I love the mixture of advice that you’ve provided with this, in general, this website is really interesting to look at and something that I think my girlfriend will be a big fan of! thank you so much for this excellent read!

  7. You are absolutely right, all of the girls in my life have always had the drive to be attractive in their DNA.  My partner will sometimes quite literally wipe out the stock in a makeup shop on occasions 😊 ! To be fair, as it is so expensive where we live, it makes sense for her to stock up when we travel. I have shared your site with her as I believe she could benefit greatly from your advice.  I was particularly struck by the advice to undertake yoga. Also, that exercise in general and sex helps the skin.   I also liked your philosophy of being “grateful”.  I am sure that is an important factor for our skin health but also our general health.  Do you think a negative attitude impacts negatively on your skin?

    1. I definitely think it affects not only our skin but the overall look, you can tell the first moment you see someone, be it male or female, if they are happy in life or not (and gratitude belongs to that). 
      Thank you for sharing my site with your girlfriend, I hope she’ll like it and finds some valuable information for herself!

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