how to keep mosquitoes away naturally - tea tree oil

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away Naturally

Mosquitoes are very unpleasant, not only do they keep you awake buzzing around your head but when you finally fall asleep in spite of their buzz, you wake up badly bitten and have to deal with the itchy bites for several days.

How to keep mosquitoes away naturally?

You can keep them away using tea tree oil. And consuming brewer’s yeast.

Sounds unbelievable?

Sure, you can always go for chemical sprays or ultrasonic pest repellent plugs but which I’m not keen on sleeping in the same room with any devices like that. But if you ask me if I’m ready to try any plant, spice or essential oil, here I am.

So I’m sharing with you my experience with mosquitoes. Whether mosquitoes, gnats or no-see-ums, they all like the same: us and our pets. And they hate the same smells. Like tea tree oil.

What all is Tea Tree Oil Good For

I’ve been using tea tree oil for various purposes for years. One is for pimples, if I get any occasional one on my face or on my neck, I just put a drop of tea tree oil on it and it heals quicker.

Tea tree oil is famous for being a natural disinfectant so that’s the reason why I use it on any problems with my skin.

I also use it sometimes on my scalp, when it’s itchy and dry and it helped me to grow my hair really long as I described in this article How to make hair grow faster naturally. I don’t have any particular problems with my hair and scalp but some shampoos do not get along with me. This little bottle does wonders in this sense.

If you want a good organic Tea Tree Oil, this one is 100% pure and natural:

TEA TREE OIL by Handcraft


But let’s get back to mosquitoes, or better to say, my experience with insect repellents.

Let me tell you about my experience in Spain. I’m not a fan of chemical repellents so last year when we decided to go on a trip to Spain in our camper van, I bought a lavender plant and thought it would help. Well, it didn’t. At all.

When we parked our van in quite a nice place under a bridge, we didn’t notice there was a small brook nearby. When the sun starting to go down, maybe at around 5 p.m. the little beasts started to feast upon us like crazy.

So we locked the van and set off to find a pharmacy to buy some insect repellent. With my limited Spanish I managed to get one, that was (actually still is, as we still have it at home) quite strong but unfortunately, it contains N-N-diethyl-m-toluamide, known as deet. It may be harmful, cause skin irritations etc.

We didn’t have any health issues using this repellent but I prefer natural options and in spite of me having no success with lavender, I still would try everything natural.

Health should always come first, that’s my motto.

Tea Tree Oil As A Magical Repellent

We don’t live at any lake or river and usually don’t have many mosquitoes in our house or around. And there are any, they usually get my boyfriend. The reason why I think he’s more tasty for them will be explained just a few paragraphs below.

Having tea tree oil at home, I accidentally found out that when I use a drop or two on bug bites on my legs and arms, I don’t get bitten again at night even if there is some buzzing before I turn the light off. The tea tree oil must smell really horrible to the little bastards that they don’t feast on me at all.

So I just put a few drops of tea tree oil behind my ears and on my wrists before going to bed and I’m safe.

Brewer’s Yeast – source of vitamins B

Another good protection, but from the inside, is eating brewer’s yeast often. It’s actually vitamins B you should eat as it’s supposed to protect you from bugs when you are saturated with them. But vitamins B from pharmacy rarely contain ALL vitamins B, while brewer’s yeast do. It’s a natural source of many trace minerals as well and I’ve also found out it’s supposed to repel fleas and bugs from dogs so I occasionally give two tablets to our dog, two.

I’m not saying that consuming brewer’s yeast will save you from the little creatures buzzing around your head and body but every little helps. And it’s especially useful when you are with someone who doesn’t consume it or is vitamin B deficient – and many people are nowadays!

I mean, when I go for the evening walk with my boyfriend and our dog, he’s always the one who gets bitten. He doesn’t consume brewer’s yeast and is not very concerned about nutrition. I think most men aren’t.

So that’s my experience with natural repellents, free of chemicals. Both tea tree oil and brewer’s yeast are completely natural. Pure essential oil and pressed yeast, can’t cause any harm and you don’t have to worry.

Citronella Candles – Great For Outside

When spending evenings and nights outside in your back yard or on your terrace, you can also use citronella candles. Citronella oil is an essential oil obtained from lemongrass plant and it is a well-known fragrance that repels mosquitoes and bugs. It’s an ingredient in many commercially sold insect repellents. In many cases it is combined with other ingredients that are harmful but there are also some organic repellents containing citronella oil.

I love citronella candles, and you can find some with a pretty design that will also make your patio or back yard look great. These look really nice:

I found some natural mosquito repellents that are deet free and safe. BUZZ AWAY EXTREME is one of the best chemical-free insect repellents as it contains only natural ingredients: Citronella, Geranium, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Peppermint, and other oils. It’s free from harsh chemical, artificial preservatives and toxins. Safe for kids as well.

Another very good repellent is BUG SOOTHER. It repels not only gnats but also sand fleas, black flies, mosquitoes and according to Amazon customers it can even defend against fruit flies and fleas. Considering the ingredients, that’s pretty impressive, all in all. It is all just natural: purified water, Glycerin, Castor Oil, and vitamin E blended using Soy Lecithin, (a natural emulsifier used in foods), Lemongrass 100% Pure Essential Oil, blended with vanilla for an amazing scent that we love, but bugs hate.

BUG SOOTHER is organic, deet free and you can spray it all over from your head to your toes to secure a safe night for yourself.

What’s your experience? Do you have any special “recipe” how to keep mosquitoes away naturally?

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