how long does it take for collagen to work

How Long Does It Take For Collagen To Work?

Collagen is everywhere now. There are so many collagen supplements on the market, starting from powders and pills to liquid shots. You might be wondering if they really work and the truth is they do. But how long does it take for collagen to work? Let’s dig into this topic a bit deeper and investigate what research and studies say.

How Long Does It Take For Collagen To Work

It is different for every person, same as with other things. But I want to show you some results of recent studies that might help you get the answer to this question.

In a study with 72 women aged 35 years or older who were taking 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen types I and II per day for 12 weeks the wrinkle depth was reduced by 27% and skin hydration increased by 28%.

In another study with 114 women aged 45-65 who were submitted 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen type I per day for 8 weeks the wrinkle volume was reduced by 20%.

So the studies suggest that

  • collagen supplements may reduce wrinkles and increase hydration
  • the results were observed after 8 to 12 weeks already!

I think it’s really impressive when you compare it with other changes or improvements. Eight weeks is not a long time and it will only get better in time. Imagine the results in a year.


Why Do We Need Collagen Supplements

Collagen can do wonders for you as the collagen production in your body decreases with age. After reaching 20 years of age, your collagen depletes more and more every year. So it really makes sense to supplement your body with it.

Collagen supplements can help you stop the deterioration, or make up for the damage that is already there. Wrinkles, sagging skin, lack of glow, that all is down to lower collagen production. Evidence that collagen really does work is on the rise.

But the question is when you start taking a collagen supplement such as a hydrolyzed collaged in form of collagen peptides, how long will it take for collagen to start working on your skin and hair? When will you see visible results?

Does Collagen Work On Hair?

The effect of collagen supplements on skin are proven. But what about hair, do we have some proof that collagen promotes hair growth or improves hair quality?

Studies that would evidence that collagen supports hair growth are missing.

However, we know that hair is made up of the protein keratin and lipids. Your body needs several types of amino acids to build keratin and many of these amino acids are part of collagen peptides. The main amino acid in keratin is proline, which is also found in collagen peptides. So if you ingest the amino acids (in collagen peptides supplements), they can help support your natural levels of amino acids.

Many individual cases show that hydrolyzed collagen i.e. collagen peptides promotes faster hair growth. It is my personal experience as well. I have always wanted super long hair and it was growing so slow, in my opinion.

It is hard to say exactly how long does it take collagen to work on your hair and let you see improvements but you will definitely see some results in two months. I have seen results on my hair after a month or two.

An interesting fact is that collagen may slow graying.

How is that possible?

Here is a statement on Healthline: “Free radical damage to cells that produce hair color may accelerate graying to some extent. Since collagen can act as an antioxidant, it may be able to fight this damage and slow graying.”

Well, I don’t know if it is result of collagen intake but I do not have more gray hair now when I am 52 than when I was ten years younger. I do have a few on the top of my head, near forehead, but no gray hair above my ears or on the back of my head. I think that my daily consumption of collagen peptides has helped that.

How To Choose Your Collagen Supplement

It is necessary to choose a product of a well-established company that has been on the market for some time and has not had any issues related to the their products.

Considering the fact collagen supplements are derived from animals (cows, pigs, chicken, or fish), it is essential to look for high quality supplement that is as clean and pure as possible.

I would suggest you to read some reviews of concrete collagen supplements and then try one that seems best for you. It is possible that you will try a few products before finding the one that will become your all-times-favourite.

There are so many collagen products on the market that it is hard to choose. However, I do not support taking collagen pills. Collagen peptides powder being hydrolyzed collagen has proven to have the best results.

But even among the powdered collagen supplements there is a huge variety of products. To make the choosing process easier for you, I have set up a list of the top 10 collagen peptides for beautiful skin.

What is hydrolyzed collagen

Nour Zibdeh, registered nutritionist and dieteticianan, explains on mbghealth: “Collagen is a complex protein made of three chains of amino acids, whereas hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that is broken down into small protein chains, called collagen peptides, that are made of a few amino acids.”

In other words, hydrolyzed collagen is a broken-down form of collagen protein that is easier for your body to absorb.

All collagen supplement powders are hydrolyzed to be easily digestible for us.

Another name you may come across when looking for your collagen supplement is collagen hydrolysate. It is the same as hydrolyzed collagen.


What all is collagen good for

You know about the proven benefits for skin and supposed benefits for hair. But there is much more.

Joints – there is growing evidence that ingestion of collagen hydrolysate (hydrolyzed collagen) improves osteoarthritis and chronic joint disorders. Joint pain is very common and I also experienced it myself, my hip joints were hurting especially in the evening. When I started taking collagen, I felt the pain was not so strong.

Muscles – collagen can support muscle strenght and body composition, it is a protein after all. Same as with the consumption of other proteins, consumption of collagen protein supports your muscles, without any unhealthy fats.

Gut – people with leaky gut might benefit from hydrolyzed collagen intake. Nevertheless, collagen is good for gut health in general. It is source for rebuilding the cells in the gut.

Collagen, or more?

While collagen is essential if you want to have supple, soft and smooth skin, it’s not the only thing you need. Antioxidants and superfoods that are considered beauty boosters (like coconut, chea seeds or avocado) are essential when it comes to your skin.

But it is not only about skin and hair. It is about overall health.

You body needs the right fuel just like a car. The better you supply your body with nutrients, the more energy you will have. It’s quite logical, isn’t it?

That’s why it makes sense to add a scoop of collagen into your smoothie, coffee or oatmeal. You can also add it to your shake made with protein powder. Collagen is tasteless so you won’t even notice any difference but your body will.

So what is the answer to the question how long does it take for collagen to work? No one can answer it exactly but you should start getting visible results in 8 to 12 weeks. Your skin will be more plump and glowing and you will see lessening of fine lines. You may even see reduction in the depth of eye wrinkles and fell more moisture in your facial skin.

You might also experience stronger and thicker hair.

Do you want to know what are the best collagen peptides for women? Have a look at the list of my top 10 powdered collagen supplements for a beautiful skin and strong and healthy hair.

14 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take For Collagen To Work?

  1. I had no idea what the collagen effects are. I buy collagen for my wife, but I had no idea how long the collagen worked, and I never understood why is she taking it. After reading your article, I got an idea of ​​how long does it take for collagen to work and learned about proper use. After reading your explanations, everyone will know how collagen works and can share new experiences with you.

    1. I am glad I could help you understand the properties of collagen and its benefits for the body. Now you know why your wife takes collagen 🙂 Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Thank you Lenka, for this awesome review of collagen and how it does affect the health of the body.

    Your specific points that collagen helps in the general wellbeing of the hair and skin are what appealed to me most. I like growing long hair but I never thought collagen was one element that could promote that. Perhaps that is because, like you said, there is no research that explains that yet.

    But I think with the information contained in this review, collagen is not only good for the skin and hair, but also for the entire health of a person since it provides the body with the energy that it needs.

    I again appreciate the effort invested into putting this post together. 

    1. Thank you for your feedback, John! Collagen is very popular among women but I still think that many people believe it is more of an ingredient in skincare products than a nutrient needed for our body. Even though my blog is focused most on anti-aging, I believe that less people would suffer from joint pain, if they were aware of the awesome benefits of collagen supplements. 

  3. This is an interesting read of collagen. For myself I would be looking to take it for joint and muscle pain, which I develop during exercise. Every morning I ride the bike for 13 to 17 kilometers and I am 65 years old in April. During the day, when sitting still and working the computer, I have these pains when I get up. Do you think that collagen can help here and if so, what should I take specifically? Before using it, should I consult a doctor first or is this a natural product with little or no side effects?Thanks for your time.

    1. Jerry, this is a great question! Seeing the results on my joints, I would strongly recommend you to buy a collagen supplement. The products I recommend in my article Best Collagen Peptides are all certified and safe. There are almost no side effects but just like with everything we ingest, there could be an allergy. I haven’t found any cases while doing research about it. 

      I used to have increasing hip joint pain as I’m 52 and my joints are probably worn off 🙂 Since I started taking collagen, it has improved a lot. But my right hip joint still hurts now and then. I believe it will get better in time when I continue taking collagen peptides.

      The collagen peptides products are safe and natural but you can always ask your doctor for advice. As many doctors already recommend taking collagen to support joint recovery, I think you will get a positive response.

      All the best and let me know how it goes with your joints!

  4. I knew that collagen production decreases with age and that’s why I started taking collagen supplements. It has worked wonders for me and gave me great results in about 10 weeks- At present all the dark spots and signs of aging on my skin are gone and the health of my hair has improved without any side effects. I will keep using collagen powder in future. 

    Lastly, I hope that through your articles, everyone will get an accurate understanding of how long does it take for collagen to work and of the effectiveness of collagen supplements.

    1. I am very happy that you have such great results with collagen supplements too, Shanta! It does take about 8 to 10 weeks to start seeing first results. Then it only gets better in time. 
      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. Hallo there Sophie, 

    My wife has been slowly getting depressing because the collagen supplements she has been using have not been working for her. She has used them for about 4 weeks now and she hasn’t any positive effects. 

    The studies you have mentioned have really helped put things into perspective for me. It means it may take a longer time for some and shorter for others.

    So it pretty much depends on the individual.

    I am going to let my wife know about this and tell her to give it more time, like 16 weeks, and see what happens.

    Thanks a lot. This will go a long way in encouraging my wife.

    Have a good day!

    1. I’m happy I could help, Dave! We live in a quick-solution time and often don’t have patience, wanting everything immediately. But good things take time 🙂 

      Your wife can’t go wrong with taking collagen supplements. As I mentioned in the article, it does not only affect our hair and skin but also the joints, muscles and gut. It is seriously one of the best things you can put into your body and it is something the body knows. Babies and children have much more collagen in their bodies than older adults, that’s why their skin is so beautiful and plump 🙂

  6. I understand from your article collagen should be taken daily if one wants to lead a healthy life. Most people now suffer from various types of diseases due to malnutrition. If you take regular calcium, vitamin, iron calcium, the disease is very low. You have discussed these things in great detail in your article. I think everyone should read this article for a healthy and beautiful life.

    1. Thank you very much for your nice words! I’m happy you found my article useful. Yes, you are absolutely right, people suffer from malnutrition as most of the foods they consume is processed and low in nutrients. If we want to have a healthy a young-looking body, we need to be very aware of what we eat and take the necessary supplements. Collagen is awesome with its effects on the body as it is something naturally present there, only decreasing with age. 
      Thank you for the insights!

  7. Hello!

    First of all, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful article about collagen. Reading your article I found a lot of information and I enjoyed it very much.

    I’m glad I know that I can improve my hair and skin quality by taking collagen.

    Thanks again for all the information. I will share this with friends.

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