how long does it take chamomile tea to make you sleep

How Long Does It Take Chamomile Tea To Make You Sleep?

Chamomile tea is an inexpensive and safe way to help you fall asleep if you struggle with falling asleep or keep waking up at night. 

How’s that possible? Chamomile contains apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to certain receptors in your brain that may reduce insomnia, which is chronic inability to sleep.

How long does it take Chamomile tea to make you sleep?

It takes approximately 15 minutes after drinking for the chamomile to start working and the effects last for hours. The calming effects do not only pertain to the brain but also the digestive system, especially the stomach. Chamomile is also known to help kill bacteria such as H Pylori. 

What happens when Chamomile gets into your system

The apigenin in chamomile binds to GABA receptors, which has a sedative and relaxing effect. That’s the reason why chamomile tea can make you feel sleepy.

I often drink chamomile tea in the late evening and it helps my stomach to calm down when it’s unhappy with some food I had. It helps approximately 15 minutes after drinking but the effects last for hours.

Is there any proof that Chamomile tea really works?

A study found that people who consumed 270 mg of chamomile extract twice a day for 28 days fell asleep 15 minutes faster and had less night time awakening than those who did not consume the extract.

I can confirm that it has calming effects on my digestive system and my mind. That’s why I often have a chamomile tea as my last drink before bed even though I’m not keen on the taste. It helps me sleep better without waking up during the night.

Other benefits of Chamomile

There are also other amazing benefits of Chamomile that are worth knowing about. You can find them summed up in this video as well:

Better Digestion

As you know, our skin reflects the condition of our body. If you have good digestion and your body gets all the necessary nutrients, your skin looks healthy and glowing.

Chamomile Tea may help with all kinds of digestive problems such as diarrhea, nausea, and bloating and may also help prevent stomach ulcers, probably due to its anti-inflammatory effects. 

Improved Skin Health

Applying chamomile to the skin in cosmetic products, such as lotions, eye creams, and soaps may be moisturizing and helpful for reducing skin inflammation.

Chamomile extract is part of many skincare products, especially toners and lotions. However, you don’t have to buy cosmetics to try the amazing benefits of chamomile on your skin. 

You can just make a strong chamomile tea and apply it on your face with a cotton pad same as you would do with a toner or lotion.

It feels very nice and works well on blemishes, due to the anti-inflammatory compounds contained in chamomile. That’s why I often leave the teabag in the cup when I have my evening chamomile tea and use it on my face in areas where I have new blemishes. This way, they heal quicker.

Topical application of chamomile may also be effective in the treatment of atopic eczema. It was found to be about 60% as effective as 0.25% hydrocortisone cream.

chamomile tea_2

Lighter Skin Tone

The extract of Chamomile flowers acts as a natural whitening agent, helping to lighten the complexion. 

It tightens the pores, softens the skin, and heals inflammation. The antioxidants in Chamomile tea prevent and reduce inflammatory lesions. 

So you can use Chamomile flowers or tea bags as a pack for the face to naturally brighten your skin and even out your skin complexion reducing redness.

No More Under-Eye Bags

Chamomile helps reduce puffiness under the eyes

The skin surrounding the eyes is very thin and sensitive containing less fat than in other areas. As we age, the skin around the eyes may become puffy, dull, and dark. Luteolin and apigenin, the flavones contained in chamomile, get absorbed easily and help reduce the dark under-eye circles and puffiness.

After drinking chamomile tea, use the flowers or tea bags on your skin. After cooling down place the used teabags over your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. You can do this any time when you feel your eyes are tired. The effects on your eye area will blow you off!

chamomile tea_1

Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Chamomile Tea helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression

Anxiety and depression have detrimental effects on our skin as well so everything that helps improve your mood and relieve stress and anxiety is of great importance. Chamomile with its calming effects works well in this regard, being a great helper on the way to natural beauty.

According to a study, chamomile may boost chemicals in the brain that can affect mood, such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline which can help with depression.

Healthy Hair

Chamomile Tea promotes healthy hair

Chamomile tea promotes healthier, shinier hair. The anti-inflammatory compounds may help you get rid of itchy and dry scalp that can lead to dandruff. Chamomile tea has also natural lightening effects so you can achieve lighter hair or highlights by applying the brew to your scalp. 

How to use: Rinse your hair with cold chamomile tea.

Possible Adverse Effects

Chamomile tea is safe to drink for most people. However, some people can get allergic reactions after using chamomile. This is only common in people who have allergies to other plants. 

Nevertheless, negative side effects are extremely rare.

dried chamomile flowers

How to prepare Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea can be prepared using fresh flowers, dried flowers, or a teabag.

For fresh flowers, you may use a tea infuser, or boil the flowers in a pot and use a strainer. 

For dried chamomile flowers, use 1 heaping teaspoon for a cup of about 250 ml of water. 

For fresh flowers, use 3 to 4 teaspoons for 250 ml of water.

Brew the flowers or tea bag with boiling water.

Steep for 3 to 5 minutes.

Strain, or remove the teabag.

Did you know all of these effects of Chamomile apart from its positive effect on sleep? If you are interested in other teas that help you get glowing skin and lose weight (if necessary), have a look at this article: What Tea Is Good For Weight Loss And Glowing Skin.



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