does coconut oil help with forehead wrinkles

Does Coconut Oil Help with Forehead Wrinkles?

Are you always worried about the signs of aging on your face? Do you think wrinkles and dark spots are ruining your beauty? Well, there are natural ways, like using coconut oil, to help keep these aging signs at bay.

Does coconut oil help with forehead wrinkles?

Yes, coconut oil helps to smooth out forehead wrinkles and is the safest way to go about the process.

These days it’s incredibly common for people to spend hundreds of dollars every year on pricey creams, ointments, and cosmetics to help in getting rid of forehead wrinkles. And while many of these products contain loads of harmful chemicals which are not good for the skin long term.

Thankfully we can rid of wrinkles using natural oils derived from 100% plant-based sources, like coconut oil, that naturally rejuvenate your skin long term.

How Does Coconut Oil Help With Forehead Wrinkles?

It couldn’t be easier to treat and care for your wrinkles. Coconut oil has tons of antioxidants to help you treat a multitude of issues you may be having. It is natural, effective, and safe.

You’ll find applying Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil will have the best results. As other coconut oils may have added oils or other processed ingredients that are unnecessary for your skin.

Treatment of Forehead Wrinkles with Coconut Oil

You can easily apply coconut oil directly to wrinkles.

  1. Start by washing your face well and rinsing with cold water to help close any open pores.
  2. Pat your face dry.
  3. If your coconut oil is solidified, you can either scoop out a teaspoon and rub it in your hands to melt it, or simply transfer it into a bowl and heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds.
  4. Using the tips of your clean forefingers, press from the middle of your eyebrows up and around your forehead, making an “n” shape repeatedly.
  5. Massage for 1-2 minutes, really increasing blood flow and circulation of the healthy skin cells.
  6. Be sure to moisturize your entire face, as well as down into your neck, so your whole face holds it’s elasticity throughout time.

forehead wrinkles before and after coconut oil

Taking time to really massage the coconut oil into your problem spots, helps not only moisturize your skin but also encourage the cells to become firmer. With consistent massaging, you should see great improvements on your face.

Do this process once every night before going to bed, being sure to wash your face thoroughly with a gentle soup the following morning. This gives the coconut oil a considerable amount of time to do its thing, and help reverse the wrinkles and sun damage found on your face.

Many people also claim that coconut oil significantly helps with wrinkles under the eyes as well, because the coconut oil is so great on sensitive skin such as that under the eyes so that it won’t cause any irritation like many other products. Coconut oil, under the eyes, helps tighten and remove bags rather quickly.

Applying coconut oil into the skin is a great treatment for long term skin health; however, incorporating a healthy diet as well will significantly increase the benefits of using coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Blends for Treating Wrinkles

Here are our favorite ways to apply coconut oil to treat wrinkles.

Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera

As we mentioned before Coconut Oil is rich in Vitamin E, which can help prevent the onset of wrinkles and sagging of the skin. While Aloe Vera contains malic acid, which works wonders in giving you flawless looking skin.

  • 2 Tbls Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tbls Aloe Vera
  • Mix and Apply to face
  • Let dry for 30 mins
  • Wash off with cold water


aloe vera gel can be mixed with coconut oil

This treatment is best used regularly.

Coconut Oil and Honey

Honey is another miracle worker for the skin because it works to tackle damaged skin effectively due to its powerful antioxidants. Honey is contributory to treating wrinkles and will help you achieve that natural glow.

  • 1 Tbls Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tsp Honey
  • Mix and Apply to face
  • Leave on for 1 hour
  • Wash off with cold water

This treatment is best used regularly.

Honey can be mixed with coconut oil to fight wrinkles

Coconut Oil and Castor Oil

Castor Oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a deep conditioner for the skin. Helping keep the skin supple and soft.

  • 3 drops Coconut Oil
  • 3 drops Castor Oil
  • Massage well all over your face
  • Leave on overnight
  • Wash off with cold water in the morning.

This treatment is best used as long as you’d like until you’re happy with the results.

castor oil can be mixed with coconut oil to fight wrinkles

Coconut Oil and Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is known to be incredibly hydrating and will help tackle common skin issues like dryness, which could overall contribute to you getting fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is also a great source of tocopherol, an antioxidant that helps in treating aging skin.

  • 1 Tsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 Vitamin E capsule
  • Mix well and apply to face
  • Leave on overnight
  • Rinse off in the morning with cold water.

This treatment is best used every day for at least a week.

Be Cautious

As coconut oil is true to be called one of Nature’s most powerful derived medicines, it’s still important to be cautious and careful when putting anything into your body.

When applied to the skin, coconut oil is likely safe.

However, when taken by mouth, users should be cautious because coconut oil is saturated fat. People suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension should steer away from adding more saturated fats to their diet.

Additionally, when used in excess, coconut oil may be harmful. Here’s an article explaining some other possible side effects of overusing coconut oil.

organic coconut oil

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles

Wrinkles are known as creases and lines formed in your skin over time. It’s a known fact that wrinkles and other skin changes are common and often inevitable as you continue to age. Everyone’s specific skin is different and uniquely reacts toward different environments. While simple lifestyle changes may control some wrinkles, other factors are genetics or an extension of the natural aging process.

The forehead, however, is particularly susceptible to wrinkles as a result of daily exposure to UV rays. However, some other causes may be smoking or simply aging. Some lines are genetic while others may be due to sun exposure (photoaging).

Age-related wrinkles are formed because when the fat cells stored beneath the dermis shrink and therefore, your inner layer of skin starts to thin. Of course, as we continue to age, our skin’s ability to heal itself decreases, resulting in slower repair of skin wounds.

As we age, the skin because less elastic and more like to have some wrinkles pop up. This, combined with daily exposure to harsh UV rays without proper protection will significantly assist in the production of wrinkles, especially those found on the forehead.

Smoking also leads to more wrinkles because of the associated change in blood supply to the skin.

Finally, repeated facial movements and expressions like squinting can leave permanent lines and creases in your face, again with time and age.

raw coconut on a beach

The Power of the Coconut

Coconut oil naturally assists in boosting the production of collagen, encouraging the rejuvenation of skin cells, helping to effectively fade away wrinkles and make your skin look and feel smoother. Plus, coconut oil is incredibly inexpensive!

Coconut oil is found to be one of Nature’s most powerful naturally derived medicines. Its properties are helpful in a variety of health problems. Coconut Oil is also rich in Vitamin E, which can help prevent the onset of wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

You can even eat coconut oil raw by the teaspoon in the morning to help promote internal health benefits, as well as a significant improvement in the health of the skin. Or if you’d rather not eat it by the teaspoon, you can simply cook with it.

Replacing olive oils, processed hydrogenated vegetable oils, and butter when cooking with coconut oil, you are adding a healthy substitute making sure you are shining from the inside by supplying you with essential vitamins and minerals.

Coconut is also used in a process called “oil pulling.” This is the process of taking a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth, letting it liquify, and squishing it around in your mouth for about 20 minutes. The benefits of oil pulling are a great deal.

Oil pulling helps naturally destroy harmful bacteria in the mouth and can reverse gum disease. Not only does it destroy harmful bacteria in your mouth, but also your stomach and digestive tract. Regular oil pulling can promote a healthy digestive tract, whiter teeth, refreshed breath, and even the clearing of acne.

Coconut oil has antioxidants that help protect your body from potential damage caused by free radicals.

Coconuts hold antifungal and antibacterial properties that assist in healing your skin. Our bodies naturally convert lauric acid (fatty acid) into monolaurin (helps deal with certain viruses and bacteria such as influenza and herpes).

Additionally, coconut oil is an incredibly effective moisturizer. You can also massage your coconut oil into sagging skin on other areas of your body to help your skin cells firm up and become more elastic again.

Preventing Wrinkles

Whether you’re in your 20s and want to start working to prevent wrinkles now or and simply just beginning to see the early effects of wrinkles forming, the key to preventing wrinkles is all about starting early.

Skin Care Routine

As mentioned before everyone’s specific skin is different and reacts differently to treatments. Take time to assess your skin and determine whether your skin falls more on the oily side or dryer side. Is it sensitive? Acne-prone? Using products that help with your unique issues will really help you save time and money when starting your prevention process.

Understand that no matter what, no matter how busy, tired, or annoyed, you are at the end of the day. Always, always, always wash your face at night. It’s so incredibly important to wash off the day’s makeup, oil, and bacteria. Be sure you also cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and massage and moisturize with your coconut oil moisturizer.

If you do use other anti-aging products from a dermatologist or other personal research, just be sure to take it easy with those products. Many anti-aging products are filled with potent active ingredients that increase the metabolism of cells and may be too active for those with a younger complexion.

Younger people focusing on skincare should really just develop a foundation of washing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin against the harsh UV rays from the sun.

Getting facials is also very helpful in preventing aging on the skin. Monthly deep pore cleansing facials are great, however, if you can’t spring for a monthly one, shoot for one 4 times a year to sync up with the seasons. Ideal for women in their 20s as they not only prevent aging but also destroy bacteria to prevent acne blemishes. Spoil yourself every once in a while!

coconut oil facial - girl with a facial on


Drink your water! Just like nearly everything else, water needs are individually varied by your body weight, activity level, health status, and current outdoor temp. A good rule of thumb can be followed by drinking between 0.5 oz and 1 oz of water for each pound you weigh, every day. There are some apps you can download on your phone for free to help you calculate exactly how much water for yourself.

Tips for Healthy Hydration:

  • Start your day by drinking a glass of water.
  • Keep water next to you when you sleep.
  • Take a bottle of water or tea with you everywhere you go.
  • Keep water with you at your work desk.
  • Put reminders on your phone and in your environment, telling you to drink up.
  • Drink before, during, and after you exercise.

Also, eating foods rich in antioxidants help fight aging from the inside out by minimizing cell damage. Additionally, they’re rather high in fiber, while being low in saturated fats and an overall great source of vitamins. Aim for leafy greens, fruits, avocados, nuts/seeds, berries, and anything with Omega-3 (salmon).

You’ll find healthy changes in diet and hydration with significantly help the appearance of your wrinkles, all while helping you look and feel more youthful, energized, and rejuvenated.

And if you want to help your skin even more getting the collagen decreasing in our body with every additional year of age, you can start consuming collagen supplements. It makes a huge difference!

Here’s an article about the best collagen peptides for beautiful skin and hair.

girl applying sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and photoaging

Sun Protection

Especially when considering forehead wrinkles, sun protection is without question one of the greatest measures you can take upon prevention. You need to be wearing sunscreen every day of the year, not just when it’s hot and sunny outside.

Usually, when purchasing sunscreen, people are mostly concerned about buying the highest SPF number they can find. While the secret isn’t in the number at all, it’s all about reapplying generously and often. Roughly, every two hours to be safe.

If you know you have sensitive/oily, acne-prone skin, and are wary about putting sunscreen on daily. Search for a quality sunscreen made with zinc oxide so it will dry to a matte finish. This decision will help your overall skin health over time.

For people with normal to dry skin, use a chemical-free, all mineral formula daily.

Or if you maybe fall into the lazy side of skincare, you should seek an SPF-infused mineral powder. Dusting this onto your face is a quick and easy way to protect the skin from the sun’s rays instantly.

Remember, with whatever method you choose, reapplication is vital! Try to put another layer of sunscreen every time you finish washing your hands after the restroom. Or set reminders on your phone until the habit eventually falls into place.

beauty sleep


It’s no secret that a lack of sleep can really start to mess with your physical appearance. Sleep is the only time the body has to repair the damages made from that day. Interrupting or decreasing the amount put into that process will undoubtedly slow down the cellular turnover and therefore interfere with proper blood flow to the skin, making your complexion dull and tired-looking.

Not getting enough sleep will usually always aggravate virtually all skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Be sure you’re keeping yourself well rested to avoid any new skin conditions or flare-ups of old annoying ones. Beauty sleep is real, y’all know.

On the note of sleeping, you will find that regularly changing and cleaning your pillowcases, sheets, and blankets will help aid the process of keeping your skin younger and cleaner looking and feeling.


Youthful-Looking Skin, Here We Come!

Are you getting excited to go try out some of the cool new methods toward fighting forehead wrinkles? It’s so nice when you find healthy, productive ways to care for yourself without having to break the bank or even leave your house.

Coconut Oil has been around for ages, and its healing properties have always had a way of blowing us all away. Stop letting your forehead wrinkles stop you from feeling your best.

You don’t need to buy the next, most expensive anti-aging products to start caring for your face. Just start by finding a good, simple facial routine. Incorporate coconut oil massages into your winkles and be sure you’re drinking enough water as well as getting enough sleep at night. Also, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen and washing your face daily.

Consistency is critical; you’ll be feeling and looking more youthful before you know it!

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  1. Hello Lenka,

    Thank you so much for writing such a useful article.

    My wife is an aesthetician, and I know that she would recommend botox to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead.  But this is expensive, and a registered nurse has to perform the injections(at least in Canada where I’m from).

    Plus, I hate needles personally, and I am always going to lean towards a simpler, more natural solution if one is available.

    I also did not know that lack of sleep can adversely effect the health of our skin.  I have eczema, so this is a very important tip for me to keep in mind.

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work in putting this post together.  I am going to forward it to my wife right now!


    1. Hello Michael,
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      Thank you for your nice words, I appreciate that.

  2. That’s a great article. I saved a couple of tricks and recipes myself and I’m going to try them later on. It is nice to find natural remedies that are affordable, healthy and safe. Everyone can take care of their skin at home using these tips.
    Thank you for this inspiration.

    1. Yeah, I like everything that’s good for us and many of the natural remedies have proven to be effective.

  3. It is nice to have a review like this that can help with the wrinkles on our face. our appearance has a lot of effect on our confidence level.

    i have not seen the combination of the coconut oil and aloe vera before and i did not know that they could combine well to give a better result, it’s very interesting.

  4. I knew coconut oil was useful but I basically never knew of it’s numerous uses and advantages to human health in general. It’s very interesting to know that coconut oil actually works for forehead wrinkles, this exactly what is needed for my mum to make her look very young and more beautiful. I think the application of coconut oil will be more effective than all other beauty creams. Thanks for sharing this. 

  5. Hello there! this is an amazing article you have got here. I am sure this information here will be of great help to any one who come across it as it is to me. Though there are various cosmetic treatments to reduce wrinkles but for me, coconut oil is the safest way to go as it boosts the production of collagen and encourages the regeneration of cells in your skin. I love it!

    1. Yeah, I also love all natural means, oils, vitamins, herbs…there are so many and we only need to learn how to use them to our benefit.

  6. I think the oil is very essential and a good thing for anyone who wants to get the best out of their skin naturally because many other people have actually tried it for wrinkles and it worked well. I don’t think that the very elderly have a chance to cheat the wrinkles in their faces though. What do you think of it?

    1. You are right that deep wrinkles on the face of someone who has never cared for their skin or started too late are hard to remove. No oils, creams or serum help with really deep wrinkles, only surgery, botox and fillings. Nevertheless, those in the 30s or 40s who have just started to notice fine lines and new wrinkles and want to do something with them, coconut oil is one of the things worth trying. 

  7. I’ve always been neutral in regards to coconut oil despite the fact that I knew its uses and this was because I assumed it was comparable to lotions or moisturizers but now reading your article I have to say that I have been missing out on a lot and I really hope I can get the benefits of using coconut oil before it is too late and my wrinkles would be too deep to be removed.

  8. Hi Lenka,

    Thanks very much for this well presented article. A very important one too!

    The forehead – one of the most important body parts in terms of social interaction and communication! When the forehead gets ravaged by the stresses of life, age and the harsh climatic conditions of today, it’s a sad situation. We stand to lose the joys of life and potentially, even to lose loved ones.

    Thanks for sharing with us, this exciting information about using a natural product to preserve the fresh look, and our happiness.

    1. Hello Teboho,
      thanks a lot for your nice words of appreciation. Forehead actually is the most exposed part of the face and it gets more sun rays than the other parts when you’re walking, for instance. That’s why it’s also important to protect the skin from extensive sun exposure and use sunscreen. And to get rid of existing wrinkles, coconut oil provides great help. 

  9. Wow, I love coconut oil, my father bought bottles of it but we usually use it as hair oil. I never knew it could also use in aging, that’s so awesome because I actually have loads of those at home. I’m intrigued by the castor oil and coconut oil mixture, if we leave it overnight, won’t it make our face susceptible to acne with that amount of oil?

    1. Good question! I have never had problems with any oil in this sense but coconut oil can clog pores in some people. Castor oil doesn’t do that, it’s rather a “dry oil” just like grapeseed oil, for instance. 

      I guess you just have to try how it works on your skin. I’ve been trying and testing oils on my face and the one that works best for me is jojoba oil. 

      You should not use too much of the oil on the face, just rub a bit in, massage your skin to increase blood circulation and if there is excess oil, just remove it. In my opinion, the best combination is coconut oil with aloe vera, it’s less greasy than just using the oil on its own.

  10. Wow! What a great article! So happy to gather this information about coconut oil. I had no idea that coconut oil help with forehead wrinkles. I love to use natural products more than any of the industrial brands and am so happy to know about this. Well, I am wrinkle-free but it’s good to know and suggest to those in need 🙂 

    Can you use coconut oil to prevent wrinkles? And also I am thinking about wrinkles on the legs, hips, and perhaps in prevention during a pregnancy? 


    1. I’m convinced that prevention is as necessary as the actual treatment of wrinkles. For instance, my mom, she’s 80 now and her skin is quite nice, she has much fewer wrinkles than other women her age, and that’s because she’s been using good-quality products on her face since she was 20. Having very dry skin, she had to, and it turned out to be a blessing in the end.

      Legs, hips, and belly, that all should be moisturized regularly and in pregnancy, it can really prevent stretch marks! I would recommend everyone to try various oils and see what works best. It might be coconut oil or some other oil, but most of all it should be high-quality, organic, and in a dark bottle and preferably stored in a fridge. 

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