Can collagen make hair grow faster

Can Collagen Make Hair Grow Faster? [2020]

And here we go with collagen again. It is an ingredient that has been used in facial creams for ages but only recently has it been recommended to be taken internally as well. One would expect its effects on bones and joints, but hair? Can collagen make hair grow faster?

In my experience, nutrition is more important for skin and hair than creams. Both play their role but if you eat processed food all time and don’t care about the needs of your body, creams can’t save your skin and hair. You just need to supply your body with nutrients from the inside. We are what we eat.

In this article, I’m sharing my personal experience with collagen.

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Can Collagen Make Hair Grow Faster?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies that is important for our tendons, ligaments, and skin. There are 16 types of collagen.

Collagen peptides play an essential part in renewing cells and are responsible for maintaining the elasticity and strength of our bones, joints, tendons, skin, nails, and hair. Our bodies produce collagen but the production slows down after 30 years of age. That’s why our skin starts sagging, we can see wrinkles and hair gets brittle.

Elizabeth Streit, LN, RDN, LD says:

“Research shows that free radicals may also damage hair follicles. Since your body’s defense against free radicals decreases with aging, older adults are especially susceptible to hair damage.”

Collagen intake from foods and supplements may offer many benefits, healthy and strong hair among others. That’s why I decided to try some collagen supplement to support my skin and hair showing signs of aging.

What Did Collagen Help Me With?

It really did help me with my hair and skin much more than I expected. I thought there would be some results but didn’t think my hair structure would change as well and speed up my hair growth. But let’s look at the process and the effects one by one.

What results did I get after adding a collagen supplement to my diet for 3 months:

1. Faster Hair Growth

I know the hair is supposed to grow 1 to 2 centimeters a month. In the past, I have never seen more than one centimeters a month but now it is 2 centimeters. Also, I can see a lot of new hair above my forehead. There is a bunch of short hairs that look quite funny when I slide them to the front. I suppose there are new hairs everywhere growing out of my scalp but they are most visible in the front.

As to the growth speed, I used to dye my hair with henna every two months. Now I have to do it every month as it grows faster and the few gray hairs are visible after a month.

2. Stronger Hair Structure

My hair is stronger and I don’t have split ends at all. Although I don’t go to a hairdresser and only trim the ends once in two or three months myself, my hair looks very healthy and is much stronger. It started to be better when I stopped using chemical dyes and started using henna. That was 2 and a half years ago and my hair got healthier since then. But it still didn’t grow as fast as I wanted. With collagen, there is a big difference.

My hair doesn’t break and I don’t see a big bunch of hairs after each washing. Same with daily brushing, there are not so many hairs left on my brush as it used to be.

3. No Increase In The Number Of Grey Hairs

The amount of my grey hair is not increasing which is surprising as I am aging, obviously. It’s supposed to be the result of the antioxidant properties of collagen being able to fight cell damage and slow the graying process.

I know that hair graying is very much related to genetic predispositions but damage to cells producing hair color caused by free radicals may also play a role (see hair cycle and hair pigmentation).

Some science behind the graying:

As we age, cells that produce melanin pigment that gives our hair its color start to die. Nevertheless, these cells producing melanin can be damaged by poor diet, stress, and environmental pollutants as well.

So if there are not enough antioxidants to fight the damage caused by free radicals, our hair may begin to gray.

4. More Elastic and Plump Skin

Even though this article is mostly about the benefits of collagen for hair, I have to mention the results I can see on my skin and my nails as well.

My skin is definitely plumper. The wrinkles that were deepening every day before I started taking collagen started to recede. Of course, there are some as I didn’t have any botox or fillings done but just this one supplement rejuvenated my skin significantly.

5. Stronger Nails That Seem To Grow Faster

I have always had very nice nails in summer but in autumn and winter, they usually started to break. So I had long nails in summer and short nails in winter. Now I can have long nails even in winter. Natural nails!

I prefer everything natural when it’s possible. So I’d rather buy supplements to make my hair, nails, or whatever grow faster and look better than go for artificial nails, lashes, nails, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind seeing anyone with them. But I don’t want to look like a different person when I wake up in the morning. And men like natural look more than you think…

Some serious facts supporting my results by scientists

A 12-week study in 1000 adults found that daily consumption of a collagen supplement reduced visible signs of aging.

Findings of a trial with 69 women aged 35-55 have shown that after 8 weeks of taking collagen daily (2.5 g or 5.0 g) skin elasticity improved significantly. It’s nice to see that there were no side effects observed.

Although I have my personal results, I always want to support them with science-based facts. Nutrition is the biggest factor that can affect our look and our health and many experts confirm this fact.

How Can You Increase Your Collagen Intake

You can get your collagen from food like chicken or beef broth or from supplements. It can be collagen pills or powdered collagen. If you go for supplements, always look for hydrolyzed collagen as it is easier to absorb.

Collagen powder doesn’t smell and is tasteless so you can add it to any drink of your choice or mix it with water.

It is advised to have your collagen with vitamin C. Eating foods high in vitamin C may boost your own collagen production and that’s why it is so good to eat peppers, oranges, or strawberries (just as an example).

Can Collagen Support Your Hair Growth?


Based on my experience, it can. I’m not saying it solves every problem with hair fallout because it can be caused by other health issues. If you experience massive hair fallout, ask your physician for advice.

However, if your hair and skin problems are only attributable to aging, collagen might be the right solution for you. It was for me.

I am very happy my hair grows much faster and stronger now. Having more or less the same diet for many years, the growth can be attributed to collagen, in my opinion.

If you are interested how long does it take for collagen supplements to start working, here’s my article about it: How long does it take for collagen to work

22 thoughts on “Can Collagen Make Hair Grow Faster? [2020]

  1. I’m no expert but I’ve been aware of the numerous benefits of collagen to our overall health. I just wasn’t aware that these benefits included stronger hair. But I must admit, it does not surprise me at all, given its role in helping us maintain an elastic skin. Now I find this very interesting because I have some issues with my front hair. Clearly it has helped you tremendously, but it makes me wonder how long it took you to start seeing those results. I might have to consider the supplements.

    Thanks for sharing 

    1. It took me about one month to start seeing the results. It is recommended to boost the body with collagen for at least two months but I’ve been taking it for several months now as I still want to have my hair longer, waist length. 
      I’ll be happy if you share your results when you have some!

      1. I have tried marine collagen powder for a few months and had great results with it on my skin. But I didn’t know it affects hair so much as I have short hair and don’t pay so much attention to it.

        1. Iˇm happy to hear you had great results with marine collagen. That’s what I use as well. I hope you will see results on your hair growth soon!

  2. Hi, have been so ignorant of this before but when I got to know about it, it has really helped me a lot.
    Collagen is a very essential protein in the body which helps to enhance growth and development thereby enhancing sporadic development of the akin and hair follicle in the body.
    I want to answer the rhetorical question asked in the article by saying emphatic “yes”. Collagen is very beneficial in the growth of hair

    1. Yes, Carol! The answer to the rhetorical question is yes, of course 🙂 I’m happy you are confirming my experience.
      Thank you for taking time to comment!

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an awesome article with us. Yes, I agree with you that collagen helps a lot in our hair growth. But I did not know that collagen is good for our overall health and there are many benefits to it. I had a lot of hair problems and I regained my hair’s elasticity with collagen. Hair structure is very strong, hair growth is very fast.

    And I hope it will be of great benefit to others and they will share their experience with you soon.

    1. I also wasn’t aware of the effects of collagen on hair growth for a long time! I actually started using it to stop signs of aging on my skin and was surprised how magical it worked on my hair.

  4. A few months ago, my wife was having dinner with her friend and who told her the benefits of taking collagen powder. She is a hairdresser and makeup artist and mentioned that a client told her what collagen has done for her skin.

    With all the positive things she had heard, she tried it herself and noticed a difference in the strength of her hair. Naturally, my wife was curious to want to try it for herself and see if it would improve the texture of her skin or if it would make a difference in her hair. She just bought collagen powder there and waited patiently for the dust to come.

    The idea of ​​collagen powder was a bit strange for her, so she wanted to do a little research before taking gallons of water mixed with the powder. She learned that collagen is actually a natural amino acid and the most abundant protein present in the body. It is what helps to renew cells and is the cause of maintaining strength in muscles, skin, hair, internal organs and more.

    As we all know, as we age, the slower it is for our body to produce collagen. That is why you will notice that your joints weaken, you will see some grey hair here and there and wrinkles … oh, wrinkles! It is unavoidable. But studies have shown that replenishing collagen through food and supplements can help slow the aging process.
    I’m not talking about a situation like the Benjamin Button movie haha! I mean the skin could become firmer, the hair could get thicker and the muscles could feel stronger.

    So we are waiting to see how this will continue!
    Thanks for the article, it does help to validate a little more what my wife is trying.


    1. Pablo, thank you so much for writing about your wife’s trying the collagen powder! I’m very curious what her results will be! I really didn’t expect much when I started taking it but can see now that my skin is more firm and elastic and the hair! Grows like weed 🙂
      It is obvious it’s good to supply the body with something that has naturally been there but depletes as we age. I’m glad I found out it is possible!

  5. This is true about collagen. It starts dropping when we age. It’s a nature’s way of telling us that we’re getting old. Because of this, we experience a lot of things going on in our body. This is not just only limited to slow growth with hair, but skin wrinkling and other natural factors. This is why we really need the intake of collagen supplement more that creams.

    Great article.

    1. Absolutely, Kell! What we consume plays a huge role in what we look like and how we feel, much more than just creams, serums etc. They can help significantly too but never can replace good care from the inside.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. It is so interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about how can collagen make hair grow faster. My wife had hair problems and using collagen made her hair better. Using collagen for a long time has created a stronger structure for her hair. It also made her skin more elastic, that’s what she’s saying. She was taking collagen powder. I think if other people try it they will benefit from it too. I have bookmarked your website because I want to stay informed as you provide a great deal of valuable information. Thank you again for writing such a great article.

    1. I am very happy you enjoyed reading my article, Millat. I share my experience to show others what works and what doesn’t. It takes time to test things out but I can provide you with some useful information for everyday’s life.
      It’s great that collagen has helped your wife with her skin and hair. It just improves the entire look and makes us look younger and shining.

  7. Hello Lenka, thank you for sharing this awesome article with us showing if collagen can make hair grow faster. I have been wondering before how I can improve my skin and hair so I am happy I found this article. I never knew about collagen before so I have learnt so much about it from this article. Good to see that it’s really effective for hair and skin based on your own personal experience and even scientifically proven. I love this


    1. Yeah, I love scientific proof too, I need to have claims confirmed with facts and if it makes sense then I go for it 🙂
      I am happy I can prove that collagen works with my personal experience.

  8. Hi Lenka, thanks for sharing additional benefits of collagen intake. I know that collagen was used as many skincare ingredients, but this is the first time I know its benefit for our hair. I personally become interested to consume more collagen. Any recommendation for collagen supplement? Thank you for your recommendation 🙂

    1. Hello Alblue, that’s nice that you considering consuming collagen. I can recommend Marine Collagen from Vital Proteins to name one. It is high quality collagen that is hypoallergenic.

  9. Hello there, I’ve just seen some very good collagen and I don’t know if it is really the right one for me so I was looking for more information and that’s how I landed here on your website to further my research. After checking everything out, I think it is good and I would be looking to use collagen for my hair growth too. What do you think of Marine collagen?

  10. There are lots of products that are very healthy and safe for your hair growth. Personally, the best kind of hair growth support that I like and use most times are the ones made out of natural components. Collagen is really helpful in making the hair grow faster and I think it’s safe to use it. 

    1. I’m also a supporter of natural products, herbs, spices, superfoods etc. Unfortunately, the food is of increasingly lower quality, there are significantly less vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables than there used to be. That’s why I believe in supplements. I’ve been using not only collagen but also omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, brewer’s yeast and other supplements, plus herbal teas, spices and superfoods. 
      Thanks for reading!

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