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Best Anti Aging Matrixyl Cream: Tree Of Life

This is a review of Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream. I have come across this skincare product while looking for an anti-aging moisturizer and it turned out to be the best anti-aging matrixyl cream I have ever had.

I used another cream containing matrixyl and was surprised by the amazing moisturizing properties of this ingredient on the skin. However, I wasn’t sure if it was just the matrixyl or the combination with other ingredients that made it work so well.

All in all, I decided to try this cream out.


Why This Best Anti Aging Matrixyl Cream: Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream

Researching for a matrixyl-containing cream, I’ve come across Tree of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream. I’ve read a few short reviews of other girls who have been using Tree of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream. These reviews were the reason why I bought my first Tree of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream.

Emily says: „I LOVE IT!!! I wish I started using it 10 years ago, it is so amazing! Very gentle, moisturizing, and has a fantastic smell. I use it every day and its a must for me before foundation if I’m wearing makeup because I feel like it makes everything apply smoother. I use Ultimate night serum before bed and this one during the day and it’s a perfect combination for my skin.“

Brandi’s review: „I have tried so many types of anti-aging moisturizers. They have all been disappointing. This one is amazing! I started using your ultimate skin care line about 3 months ago. I absolutely love the whole line, but I must say I prefer this moisturizer to you Ultimate beauty cream moisturizer. Thank you so much for making your wonderful skincare products!“

Delilah’s review: „I love this moisturizer, it makes your skin feel amazingly soft, absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel and the smell is pleasant. Finally found a product that I don’t want to go a day without! Also, I love that all your products have quality ingredients and that they are affordable to everyday women. Thank you!“

Robin says: „seriously it’s amazing. I know products work differently for everyone, but for me, this one is amazing. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and have noticed my fine lines have softened a bit and my skin is so much more smooth. Thank you“

Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream Key Ingredients

This skincare product is one of the best moisturizing and anti-wrinkle creams I’ve ever tried on my face. And I mean it. This article is about my personal experience with this cream.

Knowing the benefits of Matrixyl 3000, I was curious if it works in this cream as good as I was used to in my other cream with Matrixyl made by Ryor.

The Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream is a combination of Matrixyl 3000 with other active ingredients. It really retains water in your skin and makes it look visibly younger.

It contains not only matrixyl but also vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), witch hazel extract, glycerin, peppermint oil, green tea extract, hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) among other ingredients, and it seems like this combination works very well. Of course, there are other ingredients as well but these are the most important ones.

This Matrixyl 3000 Cream is also aesthetician approved. Elizabeth Bennett, an aesthetician who spent over 4 years in the luxury skincare industry in NYC says about this product that apart from being lightweight and velvety, it adds hydration to the deeper skin layer adding fulness to depleted skin.

What Is Matrixyl 3000?

Matrixyl 3000 is a powerful moisturizing and anti-aging peptide comprising of two peptides: palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7.

Peptides are proteins that are part of the building blocks of our cells. They help stimulate new cells to grow and help skin cells to heal.

Peptides are small, compared to collagen molecules that are too large to penetrate the skin. When they are applied to the skin, they signal the skin to repair itself. This signaling can boost your skin to produce more collagen.

That’s why matrixyl is such a powerful ingredient.

What Is The Difference Between Matrixyl And Matrixyl 3000?

Matrixyl 3000 is stronger than matrixyl, which means it works better on wrinkles and lines you want to get rid of.  Both Matrixyl and Matrixyl 3000 contain palmitoyl pentapeptide, promoting collagen production. Matrixyl 3000 is also specially formulated to reverse and prevent glycation damage. What is glycation? It is the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without enzymatic regulation. Glycation causes aging.

So we can say that Matrixyl 3000 is more efficient on deeper lines and wrinkles, smoothing them out and preventing the occurrence of new wrinkles.

What Is Peppermint Oil Good For?

One of the effects of peppermint oil is that it can help with itchy skin. This study, performed on men and women, shows significant improvement on people with chronic itching after using peppermint oil.

A Few Words About Tree Of Life Company

When I use a product, I like looking for some facts about the production company. Same this time, I looked up some information about Tree Of Life Company and I find it very interesting.

So here are just a few facts about the history of the company.

The name of the company is Tree of Life Beauty and it was founded by Ellyn Davis, a woman who was determined to find skincare products that actually worked to help her skin look more radiant and leave her skin feeling soft and smooth.

Having master’s in biology and working toward her doctorate in microbiology, Ellyn tested, studied, and used major brand names and well-known skincare companies’ products, and came up with specific formulations that were time-tested and scientifically shown to help skin retain its youthful look and feel as a person aged.

Ellyn also realized that many products only contained a few powerful and active ingredients, and many of the companies were not educating their customers on how to properly use their skincare. As she felt this was almost as important as the skincare itself.

Thus, Ellyn decided it was time to change the skincare industry. That’s how the Tree of Life Beauty™ came into existence.

Who Is Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream For

It is supposed to be good for all skin types. The cream has a very light consistency and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin hydrated, healthy-looking, and glowing.

If your skin feels dehydrated, especially from heating and dry air, you will feel the moisturizing effects immediately. It works like a miracle.

My Review Of Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream

I bought the Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream about 3 months ago and started using it every day, after cleansing my face with a light cleansing gel with aloe and after applying my anti-aging serum.

Immediately after applying the cream, I felt the moisturizing effects. It was as if someone injected water into my skin and kept it there.

After repeated use, I felt my skin was getting smoother and softer, rejuvenated.

I haven’t noticed any side effects on my skin at all.

The only thing I have not been very keen about in this product is the peppermint oil scent. I think peppermint scent goes well with chewing gum, not with a skincare product. But I guess you can get used to it.

Using the Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 every day I could see how more supple and plump my skin gradually got. Matrixyl smoothed out my fine lines and made my skin looking more youthful and glowing.


  • Excellent hydration
  • Quick absorption
  • Very nice velvety texture
  • Doesn’t leave a heavy layer
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Aesthetician approved


– Peppermint oil scent

Final Thoughts

Based on my experience and my skin type, I would recommend the Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream to everyone who has sensitive, acne-prone skin with fine lines and wrinkles or even deeper lines. This best anti-aging matrixyl cream is also good for everyone whose skin is very dry due to the lack of hydration.

It is recommended for all skin types but I can’t really confirm how it works on extremely oily or extremely dry skin. However, the reviews of other users say that it works well in all cases.

It is a low-end skincare product that would probably cost double or more if it was produced by a brand like Dior or Chanel. I can really recommend it as the best anti-aging matrixyl cream that makes your skin looks healthy, plump, and glowing.

This article may contain affiliate links which means I could make a small commission if you purchase anything using one of the links. The price you pay will not be affected. It helps me run this website and write these articles for you.

You can check the current price of the Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream on Amazon here.

If you have any questions about something I haven’t covered in my review, feel free to ask!

You can also read some tips on anti-aging, here is my article on anti-aging beauty hacks that actually work.


18 thoughts on “Best Anti Aging Matrixyl Cream: Tree Of Life

  1. I have used some of this anti aging products over the years and I must I have fallen into the hands of many fake products so I decided not to buy anymore, but after reading your article I saw a lot of genuine information about this product and I’d like to try it out…



    1. Sorry to hear you have had bad experience with other products Feji, it’s sometimes hard to find a suitable product especially if one has sensitive skin or some other issues. Yeah, this cream really is worth trying and I’ve been very happy with it. 

  2. Hi Lenka, this is a great and detailed review you have done about Matrixyl  3000 Cream – The Tree of Life. I can see from your passion and your niche in the beauty sector that what you have written is also based on your personal experience about the product. It is also great how you have mentioned the identified pros and cons. If the identified cons is the mint oil scent, then the product can be regarded as having no cons. It is always difficult to find out negative things about great products. 

    1. Absolutely, Joseph, it was really hard for me to find anything I would dislike about this product. The mint scent is strange though, I understand the benefits or peppermint oil and it is a part of the concoction for a reason but I still haven’t used to it completely. However, the cream itself works so well that I don’t mind smelling like a chewing gum a little bit, I can live with that 🙂 

  3. I have seen so many anti-aging creams online and I think it would be nice to get one for my mum too because she is already in her old age and I just want her to keep looking young. I feel like this Matrixyl 3000 Cream is good and although I don’t understand the content much, I believe that if you are recommending it, it’s good, so I’m going to buy it.

  4. It sounds like a good cream.Do you know if it is FDA approved? I agree with you that the peppermint scent can be a con. Especially if it is a strong peppermint scent. Do you know if it is a strong scent? I like that it has green tee in it and hazelnut. However for people with nut allergies it is probably not the thing. I use a lot of green tee products so this product is definitely worth a try. I just hope I can get used to the peppermint scent. Do you know if it is tested on animals?

    1. The peppermint scent is not very strong but it’s what bothered me in this cream. Otherwise, I loved how it worked, you can really feel the moisture being kept within the skin after you apply the cream. 
      I don’t know if it’s FDA approved but it says it’s 100% vegetarian, paraben-free, and cruelty-free so it’s definitely not tested on animals. Made in the USA. 

      1. I’ve just found out that cosmetic products and ingredients do not need FDA premarket approval, with the exception of color additives.

  5. As we all age, moisturizing our skin and keeping it alive is essential. I have begun to notice some wrinkles, especially on my face. With a good blend of vitamin, green tea extract, and matrixyl this should be a good source of nutrients for my skin. I will use your link and check the product. I’m glad I’ve found this and hope it will get rid of my wrinkles. 

  6. I have never heard of matrixyl before. I usually use retinol or hyaluronic acid as my regimen. I’m glad I’ve found this information on matrixyl, it seems like a powerful ingredient. Tree of Life sounds like an amazing brand and I love that a lot of people got good results with it. I love the peppermint oil scent but is the peppermint oil strong? Is it strong that it feels cool? I will give it a try on your Amazon link, thanks for that. 

  7. Hello there! This review of the best anti-aging matrixyl cream is indeed very helpful, especially for women because I’m yet to see any woman who wants to age fast. I personally have seen a lot of anti-aging creams online but I’ve not really gotten any yet because I like seeing results before I get the product. However, since this is coming from you Lenka, I’ll definitely try out this matrixyl 3000 cream. The reviews I’m seeing on your page from other people prove that it’s a really good product. Thank you for sharing. 

  8. I was wondering if it was good for oily skin, and you have answered my questions with “yes”. Before reading your post I also had a question concerning the difference between Matrixyl and Matrixyl 3000? I specifically wanted to get help with lines and wrinkles and the answer is Matrixyl 3000.

    But I still have a question: Is Matrixyl 3000 paraben-free? Thanks for your article.

  9. One of my friends recommended Tree Of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream so I have been looking online for some more details about it. It sounds like a good fit for me because I love the smell of peppermint 🙂 I have found some anti-aging creams to be quite heavy on my skin so I was pleased to read that this was not your experience with this product. Where is the best place to buy the cream in your experience?

  10. Aging is one of the most common natural things that pose a great challenge to one’s beauty. How to avoid aging is one of the everyday questions on everyone’s mind. Well, it is nice to know that solutions and answers to this question are being offered in different forms, one of which you have written about, i.e. this anti-aging cream. Thanks for writing this review about the Tree of Life Matrixyl 3000 Cream explaining its anti-aging effects. I’ve heard about matrixyl but haven’t seen any product containing it yet. It seems this cream is a good choice.

  11. As I am now in my 50’s I have been looking around for some anti-aging products to keep the moisture locked into my skin and to help with the laughter lines and wrinkles that have started to appear. I love that it has green tea and peppermint in it. I just love the smell of mint. it is all-natural and not tested on animals, which is great to see. Do they deliver to Spain?

    1. To be sure, I don’t know but I would guess they do. I’ve ordered my Matrixyl 3000 Cream a few months ago and had it delivered from Amazon to the Czech Republic without problems, so I think it should be ok.

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