About Lenka Sophie

Lenka Sophie

Have you always been fascinated with beauty? I have. There is beauty everywhere, nature is full of amazing examples of it. But I’m also passionate about woman’s beauty. It is possible to have a beautiful skin, shiny long hair, and preserve a youthful look without expensive treatments and plastic surgery.

So this site is about everything you need for beauty.

I have always admired natural beauty and I’m not a big supporter of plastic surgery but never say never 🙂 My aim has always been to look as natural as I can and keep the skin young looking and shiny. Same for hair, I love long hair, but didn’t want to get hair extensions so I tried everything possible to boost my hair growth and I want to share that with you.

What you need for beauty

I’m convinced our look is most of all result of what we eat and drink and if we do some exercise or not. It doesn’t have to be a gym work out, walking is absolutely sufficient as to the effects on skin.


We need oxygen to look healthy and youthful and that’s why it is so important to move. However, our modern life style is about sitting more than walking and it is not natural.

If oxygen is missing, our skin loses its firmness and grows old. There are also other factors contributing to it but having enough movement such as walking, jogging etc. is the most important thing.


I have always kept an eye on my diet but I’m not strict. There are just things I’m trying to avoid lately because I know they cause detriment to our skin and make it grow old faster.

The principles of my diet have proven to have a great effect on my look. I am 52 and I’m happy my look isn’t a result of any botox treatment or plastic surgery.

52 years young looking body

Taking care of our skin

I didn’t use to go to a beautician until recently, now I go for a treatment once a month because I like enjoying the pampering. I’m saying this to show that my look is a result of the principles I use, mainly the nutrients in my diet and some ingredients in the creams I use every day etc.

There are various products on the market containing state-of-the-art nutrients for the external nutrition of the skin. To name just a few, matrixyl, hyaluronic acid and collagen are those that affect our skin significantly.

Nutrients for the skin

And there are more and more discoveries about such “food for skin.” I’m keeping an eye on them and my goal is to provide you with relevant information based on my experience.

I am a big supporter of nutritional supplements as I believe it is not possible to get all nutrients we need for a beautiful skin and perfect health from our common diet. I do take collagen and omega 3 fatty acids on a regular basis and believe it is of the factors that contribute to my health and youthful look.


All the above is very important but if you feel deeply unhappy about your life, your relationship or life in general, it does reflect on your skin. Positive attitude, expectations of good things coming to your life, that is something I have worked on for many years. We can change our attitude big way.

This site is not only about cosmetics and nutrition but about things like attitude, finding life purpose and happiness etc. as well. It has been a big part of me for the 10 last years, if not more.

To feel love and gratitude makes us look better, I’m sure of that. I will share my experience and my thoughts on that as well.

What you need for beauty - care and mindset

You can see results of my diet and all the principles I apply to my life on the pictures. The last picture shows me with my dog, an 8 years old rottweiler we adopted as a puppy from a shelter. She gives us a lot of love and is a big part of our life.

Should you have any questions, feel free to write down below. And if you want to share your experience, I’ll be very happy to hear about it.