• do eggs increase cholesterol levels? They don't

    Do Eggs Increase Cholesterol Levels? Powerful Facts [2020]

    If you are an egg lover, you are probably concerned: do eggs increase cholesterol levels? Are they good for you? I want to show you some facts and share my experience and insights with you. I am not a medical professional but have life-long passion for nutrition and you can find various studies and sources cited in my articles. Do Eggs Increase Cholesterol Levels or Not? Eggs have a bad reputation for increasing cholesterol levels. I still remember the time when doctors and nutritionists recommended cutting down on eggs or refrain from eating them completely to people who suffered from heart diseases. And even though there has been more research…

  • best natural sunscreen for the face

    Best Natural Sunscreen For The Face [2020]

    What is the difference between a sunscreen and sunblock? What is a mineral sunscreen, organic sunblock, paraben-free sunprotectant? You are probably asking those questions when you start with your quest for a product that would protect your skin from burning and not contain harmful substances. You will find the best natural sunscreens for your face in this article. Best Natural Sunscreen For The Face: Is There Any? I think you might rather be asking is any of the sunscreens or sunblocks safe or free of chemicals or even organic. This topic can be very confusing and the terms or words don’t make it easier. Why is it so confusing? First,…

  • foods that help burn fat while you sleep

    7 Foods That Help Burn Fat While You Sleep

    When you are on a diet, you usually look for foods that have low calories count, but did you know that there are foods can actually help burn fat? Foods That Help Burn Fat While You Sleep You might be asking how it is possible to eat something and burn fat. Well, some foods have a thermogenic effect on the body which helps with fat oxidation. If you eat fat-burning foods, you can boost your metabolism which makes you more energetic and lose weight faster. So it is not like you just eat something before bed and it makes you slim. These foods increase the speed your body works so you burn…

  • what is the best snack before bed

    What Is The Best Snack Before Bed

    Are you conscious of your weight and want to keep a good figure? Or on a diet trying to shed some extra pounds? Then you know how hard the evenings might be. I know! >> You watch your diet all the day and are determined to eat healthy. But then the night comes and you have cravings or feel hungry. >> Or you had very small portions during the day so your body isn’t satisfied and keeps telling you that you need more. There is a solution. Snacks that you can have late evening or at night without worrying about calories. What Is The Best Snack Before Bed There used…

  • expensive skincare products

    Are Expensive Skincare Products Better?

    Have you ever wondered whether there is a difference between a high-end facial cream for $300 and a drugstore product for $30? Are expensive skincare products better and does it pay off to buy them? I have done some research in this topic and I hope I can provide you with the answer to that question. Are Expensive Skincare Products Better? Some of the most expensive skincare products do contain really special ingredients like caviar but most of the ingredients that have anti-aging effects are same in both the cheap and the expensive products. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, squalene, matrixyl; those are proven ingredients and they are contained both…

  • best collagen peptides 2020

    Best Collagen Peptides For Beautiful Skin and Hair [2020]

    Are you looking for the best collagen supplement to promote your hair growth, skin elasticity and flexibility of your joints? In this article you will find a list of the best collagen peptides in 2020 based on my research and preferences as well as customer reviews. How To Choose The Best Collagen Peptides Product A good quality collagen supplement should be produced by a reliable company and contain a full and transparent list of its ingredients. There will be hydrolyzed collagen, which is powdered collagen that comes from the bones and cartilage of fish, cows, pigs or chickens. This form of collagen is known as hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides.…

  • natural hair loss products

    Amazing Results With Natural Hair Loss Products

    You are probably tired of looking at your hair becoming thinner or seeing clumps of your hair falling out, right? You know it is not going to stop itself. But are there some natural hair loss products that really work? I hope you will find the answers in this article. Are There Efficient Natural Hair Loss Products? That’s a good question. I was skeptical about that a few years ago. I thought it was natural to lose hair with aging and remedies from a drugstore or pharmacy wouldn’t make any difference. My hair was much stronger and thicker when I was at high school, I remember that. Then I damaged…

  • fresh mint tea

    What Tea Is Good For Weight Loss And Glowing Skin [2020]

      You probably know many benefits of tea as it is together with coffee the most common drink that has been consumed for centuries. And you might have heard that some teas can also support weight loss. But the question is: what is the best tea for weight loss out of the many we can choose from? What Tea Is Good For Weight Loss I’ve done some research and in this article I combine it with my personal experience, as always. When I say “tea for weight loss” I mean a tea that boosts metabolism and helps you keep your weight after slimming as well. That’s why I drink some…

  • best sugar substitutes: stevia

    5 Best Sugar Substitutes That Will Keep You In Shape

    It is a well-known fact that too much sugar is not good for us but I wasn’t concerned about it much as I didn’t eat sugar in high quantities and didn’t consume any sweet drinks. But when I found out sugar breaks down collagen and makes us age faster, I started to look for best sugar substitutes in order to avoid sugar completely. What Are The 5 Best Sugar Substitutes? Of course there is honey, maple syrup or molasses but they are high in calories and contain sucrose as well so to me it’s not a big difference if I eat sugar or honey. On the other hand, I like…

  • how to stop aging naturally

    5 Secret Tips How To Stop Aging Naturally

    Do you want to know how to stop aging naturally and make your face look younger? It really is possible but there is some effort needed and the lifestyle does definitely reflect on your skin, hair and overall impression. How to stop aging naturally There might be more tips and tricks but I’m just sharing my personal tips what I use and they work. I will also share a story of a lady I saw being interviewed on a news channel a few months ago that blew my mind. She looked about 20 years younger if not more. So keep reading! 1. Have regular workout or walk This is the…

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